Different Types of Body Contouring Procedures

Body contouring procedures have become increasingly popular in the last few decades, largely due to technological advancements. These modern techniques enable people to gain confidence in themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. There are so many different options out there which can be discussed with your surgeon, yet here are three of the most popular body contouring procedures that are giving people a new lease of life! 


Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation, sometimes referred to as a breast enlargement or ‘boob job’, is a body contouring procedure that involves the insertion of implants below the breast tissue to increase the size of the breast and also to improve the overall shape. This is one of the most popular body contouring procedures out there. Not only does it make the breasts larger but it also helps to make the body look more proportioned in many cases. 

The shell of an implant is made of silicone, and then it is filled with either saline or silicone. The fill, shape and size of the implant will depend on personal preference, with advice being given by the surgeon. Full recovery can take around 6 weeks, with support bras needing to be worn. This body contouring procedure is likely to continue in popularity for years to come! 


Mummy Makeover

Mummy makeovers have become an extremely popular body contouring procedure in the last few years especially. This term refers to a combination of different procedures to help improve the contour of the breasts and stomach at the same time. Pregnancy can cause loose or sagging skin and breasts, which is what the mummy makeover is designed to change. 

The appeal of this body contouring procedure comes with the fact that in most cases, both the procedures on the stomach and breasts can be completed at the same time. This involves liposuction and/or an abdominoplasty, as well as a mastopexy and/or breast augmentation. The end result should reduce body fat whilst improving the contouring of the body. 


Brazilian Bum Lift

Another body contouring procedure that has gained mass popularity in the last few years is the brazilian bum lift. This is sometimes also referred to as BBL surgery and it involves having a buttock augmentation that looks natural. The aim of this body contouring procedure is to increase the size of the buttocks by transferring fat from one part of the body to the other, creating larger buttocks without needing to insert implants. 

The fat is usually removed from the hips, lower back and thighs which not only helps the bum to look bigger, but it also creates a better shape overall. Patients were travelling abroad for this body contouring procedure in order to access a reduction in price, yet the results are often very poor and there were various cases of patients dying as a result of the treatment. It is much safer to have this body contouring procedure done by a professional in the UK. The mortality rate for this operation is 1 in 3000, meaning surgeons are often very selective about who they allow to have the procedure. This is something you can discuss with the surgeon. 


Final Thoughts

Body contouring procedures can be fantastic for people’s confidence and can help people to feel much more comfortable in themselves. If you are interested in having a body contouring procedure or would like more information, please visit our breast augmentation or mummy makeover pages. You can also contact us to arrange a consultation!

How A Mummy Tuck Can Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

How To Rejuvenate Your Body After Pregnancy

Increasing numbers of women are seeking abdominoplasty procedures like the mummy tuck to get back into shape after pregnancy.

Pregnancy has a dramatic effect on the body, especially the abdomen. For many women the excess skin they’re left with can’t be helped by diet or exercise.

If skin doesn’t retract it can be left hanging and be a source of both emotional distress and physical discomfort. For women that wish to reduce this excess skin the mummy tuck may be the answer.

What Is The Mummy Tuck?

This is a form of abdominoplasty designed specifically to address post-pregnancy excess skin. Often completed as part of a mummy makeover (tummy tuck with breast rejuvenation and/or liposuction) it’s a long term solution and is classed as a surgical procedure.

What Does This Procedure Involve?

The mummy tuck can only be completed after a full consultation. Surgery takes place under anaesthetic and requires a hospital stay.

During surgery an incision is made in the abdomen and the skin that needs removing is cut away. Excess fat can also be removed.

The abdominal muscles below the skin can be tightened if necessary. This is often needed as the abdominal wall splits during pregnancy. Surgery can repair this.

The incision is then closed and you’ll return to ward to recover. You need to rest and allow the wound to heal safely. Your plastic surgeon in Manchester will give you all the recovery information you need.

How much does this surgery cost?

That depends entirely on who completes your mummy tuck abdominoplasty and where you have the procedure. Each case should be considered individually and a tailored procedure offered.

Do The Result Last A Long Time?

This is a surgical procedure so the results are long lasting. If you choose to undergo a mummy tuck but then have more children the results are unlikely to be retained.

See the information below to ascertain if you’re suitable for this type of abdominoplasty surgery.

Who Is A Mummy Tuck Suitable For?

This type of abdominoplasty is suitable for women who have had a child and dislike the way the skin has been left post pregnancy. The mummy tuck is best completed after you have finished having children.

Who Isn’t The Mummy Tuck Suitable For?

Woman who intend on having more children. Smokers are also advised to quit smoking if they wish to be considered for this abdominoplasty procedure.

More Information About This Abdominoplasty Procedure

If you would like more information about the mummy tuck please contact us via email or telephone. You can book a consultation to discuss your needs or goals in full with Mr Ross.

There is more information about mummy makeover procedures on the treatment pages too.

Three types of body contouring surgery

The most popular forms of body contouring surgery

When it comes to body contouring surgery, there are several variations of surgical treatment that are available to patients. Which is most suitable for you is determined during a consultation with a plastic surgeon that can offer you personalised advice.

Body contouring surgery itself is an umbrella term used to describe procedures that are designed to change the contours and shape of one or more areas of the body.

Facial contouring procedures also exist but these are different to the ones offered as part of body contouring surgery.

Whether the patient chooses to undergo one treatment to a specific area, or they wish to undergo multiple treatments to multiple areas, it is important to decide which procedure is most suitable.

The mummy makeover

The mummy makeover is an umbrella term that is used to describe a collection of procedures with the aim of improving the appearance of the abdomen and breasts. In most cases this includes a breast uplift of some kind, which may or may not involve silicone breast implants.

Alongside a breast rejuvenation procedure, a second body contouring procedure will also be used to improve the overall aesthetic of the body. For women who have had children this is most commonly the abdomen, in the form of tummy tuck surgery.

Lower body lifting

For some patients the lower body is the area they wish to focus on. This is usually regarding two areas: the buttocks and the thighs.

A thigh lift is specifically designed to recontour the upper legs. This involves skin being removed via an incision to the inner thigh.
A buttock lift is similar in nature although it is obviously designed to lift and reshape the buttocks rather than the size. However, it is not uncommon for both procedures to be performed in unison.

Upper body lifting

And upper body lift can include procedures such as brachioplasty which is designed to slim-line the upper arm area.

This is an ideal type of body contouring surgery for patients who wish to address concerns such as bingo wings, and is often sort have to head extreme weight loss or due to the natural ageing process.

An incision is nice along the dinner on and excess skin before the wound is closed.

Booking a consultation is key

Whichever form of body contouring surgery you choose to undergo, you will need to do your research and pick a body contouring surgery specialist who is able to offer you the best care.

Mr Ross is an experienced plastic surgeon who specialises in treatments designed to reduce skin laxity and lift the body.

For more information please contact a member of the team who will be delighted to discuss the options currently available which could be beneficial to you.

What is involved in a Mummy Makeover?

Which surgical procedures are included in a mummy makeover?

In recent years we have seen a surge in popularity for the procedures collectively known as the mummy makeover. This term refers to a selection of body contouring procedures that are designed to improve the body after pregnancy or extreme weight loss.

The procedures which are included in the term mummy makeover usually include some kind of tummy tuck surgery, otherwise known as an abdominoplasty, and a breast rejuvenation procedure. Other procedures that may be included may be a thigh lift or liposuction.

A mummy makeover essentially includes two all more body contouring or body shaping treatments that are designed to lift and firm the skin. Most women who choose this type of cosmetic surgery are seeking to rejuvenate their body post pregnancy.

Why choose a mummy makeover?

Usually, someone would choose a mummy makeover because they are unhappy with the appearance of the abdomen and breasts. The point of this type of cosmetic surgery is to rejuvenate the midsection and the breasts in order to improve the appearance of the body and improve the self-esteem of the woman.

Who is a mummy makeover suitable for?

A mummy makeover is suitable for women who have had children and don’t wish to go through pregnancy again. If you are still considering having more children it is advised that you refrain from undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures like those listed above until you have finished your family.

Are the results long lasting?

The results of a mummy makeover are long-lasting. Because the procedures included in this type of cosmetic rejuvenation our surgical, the results will last for many years. Of course, this does not prevent the ageing process in any way, and breasts that have been uplifted will begin to sag again in future due to ageing. However, most patients agree that the results of breast rejuvenation surgery or abdominoplasty are worth the investment.

Will I need further surgery?

In most cases, patients are happy with the outcome of their various surgeries. However, in some cases, further surgery may be needed.

Also if you undergo a procedure like a breast uplift in your 20s or early 30s you may well need to undergo another procedure later on in life if you are unhappy with how are your breasts look as the ageing process kicks in.

Can I choose which procedures I have?

Your plastic surgeon will advise you on which procedures are most likely to provide you with the best result. It is then up to you to go away and decide whether or not a mummy makeover is the best choice for you.

More information

If you would like more information about this kind of body rejuvenation surgery please contact the clinic to arrange a consultation. You will also find more information about each of the procedures on our treatment pages.

Post pregnancy body contouring surgery

Getting back in shape with body contouring surgery after pregnancy

There are many reason someone may consider undergoing body contouring surgery. By far one of the most common for women is to regain their pre pregnancy figure. We call this a mummy makeover.

A mummy makeover includes two or more body contouring surgery procedures. Usually this will include an abdominoplasty of some kind and a breast rejuvenation procedure.

What is a mummy makeover?

The mummy makeover is a term used specifically for women as in most cases the combination of tummy tuck surgery and a breast rejuvenation are due to the changes pregnancy makes on the body. It is common to be left with sagging breasts after breast feeding or excess, loose skin on the abdomen.

Why choose a mummy makeover?

It’s designed to recontour the body and improve self confidence. The idea of choosing body contouring surgery means these women are able to feel better in their body’s again, and see their shape return to more like it was previously.

Who is suitable for this type of cosmetic surgery?

Body contouring surgery designed to lift the breasts and reshape the tummy area is suitable for women who are unhappy with their appearance after having children.

It is invasive surgery and there are risks associated with it, so it’s important to be aware of that. Patients also need to have realistic expectations of what the body rejuvenating procedures can offer.

Who is not suitable for mummy makeover surgery?

Women who have unrealistic goals or expectation are not suitable for this type of surgery. You must also be at a reasonable weight and should only be undergoing body contouring surgery for your personal reasons. It is never advised or encouraged to have cosmetic procedures for anyone else.

Who should you trust with body contouring surgery?

The combination of breast and body rejuvenation procedures means you should seek the skills of a plastic surgeon with experience in this field. Mr Ross, for example, is a leading expert in this field of cosmetic surgery.

Can I see some before and after images?

Yes, we have a page dedicated to before and after images of mummy makeover procedures. You can visit the body contouring surgery pages separately, or as an overall treatment.

Where can I get more information?

Mr Gary Ross is a Manchester plastic surgeon specialising in body rejuvenation procedures and you can find lots of information on the treatment pages.

The mummy makeover is something you should really do your research on before committing to treatment. It’s recommended you book a consultation and get the advice of a plastic surgeon before making any decisions with regards to cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery trends for 2018

Cosmetic surgery trends for 2018

Mr Gary Ross explains the procedures that led the way in 2017 and what is set to takeover in 2018.

The aesthetic landscape is forever changing, and according to Mr Gary Ross 2018 is set to see some cosmetic surgery procedures decrease in popularity whilst other should rise.

Mummy makeovers, breast augmentation procedures and body rejuvenation surgery led the way in 2017, with non-surgical anti ageing treatments also seeing a surge on popularity. However, it is fat transfer procedures replacing dermal fillers that is set to be the big news for 2018 and beyond.

Multi-procedure treatments such as the mummy makeover were the main cosmetic rise of last year, which combines breast and body procedures within one surgery session to minimise downtime.

Mr Ross says: “Overall non surgical procedures have again increased as patients look for cosmetic treatments with less downtime. This has also led to patients looking for surgical procedures with shorter recovery times.

“Surgically, the biggest rise has been in the mummy makeover procedure, with patients requesting body and breast rejuvenation as a one-stage procedure. Breast augmentation remains the most requested surgical treatment although patients are currently looking for more subtle enhancements than a year ago,” he explains.

As well as body rejuvenation procedures, Gary says there’s been great interest in fat transfer procedures (extracting fat from one part of the body and replacing in the face or another part of the body) which is set to gain further popularity this year thanks to its ability to offer an alternative to dermal fillers in facial rejuvenation.

“Fat transfer is an increasingly popular form of facial and body rejuvenation and will be big news for the coming year. Transferring fat from one part of the body to another isn’t new, but it will become a much more well known treatment as it’s versatile and offers natural results – the biggest draw for patients by far.”

Contrastingly, last year saw a downward trend in patients requesting buttock augmentation (compared to 2016) as patients consider more the pros and cons of the butt augmentation procedure. Also on the decline is patients requesting the ‘fake look’, which more naturally beautiful celebrities rather than glamour girls being popular with female patients.

“In 2018 there will be an increasing trend towards individualised and personalised beauty with a shift away from the ‘one product/treatment fits all’. The shifting focus in skincare brands towards individualised care will lead to a more holistic approach towards cosmetic beauty and advanced treatments too.”

Mr Ross says the commitment to patient empowerment – and ensuring they understand more about the procedures they are choosing to undergo – means 2017 was a positive year for the aesthetics industry.

He says: “The increased awareness of the need for patient safety dominated 2017 and was a positive year for the industry. We are seeing more of a focus on patient empowerment and ensuring patients are fully informed to proceed or not which is imperative for the industry – and most importantly for patients.”

The updated General Medical Council recommendations in relation to consent have highlighted the need for clinicians to ensure patients are fully informed. The adaption of the certification scheme in cosmetic surgery in 2017 through the Royal College of Surgeons has developed the speciality of cosmetic surgery.

“This will allow patients to choose a cosmetic surgeon that is able to fully inform patients regarding the available options so that they are fully empowered to proceed or not,” says Mr Ross.

“Health Education England continues to develop a way forward in the regulation of non surgical treatments and we look forward to further regulatory developments in non surgical treatments in 2018.”

Of his hopes for the cosmetic industry as we enter 2018 Gary says: “I hope that the focus on patient empowerment continues into next year with clinicians focusing increasingly on patient’s interests and placing safety above anything else.”

What is involved in mummy makeover surgery?

Take steps to transform your body with mummy makeover surgery

The combination of cosmetic procedures involved in mummy makeover surgery is designed to transform the body after pregnancy or weight loss.

Although abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery) and breast rejuvenation surgery in some form, such as breast uplift surgery, are the most commonly combined body contouring procedures, others may be involved if it’s agreed they will benefit the patient.

All mummy makeover surgery treatment plans are designed to be bespoke, and are tailored to suit the needs and goals of the patient. Booking a consultation with Mr Ross is the best way to determine the suitability of this kind of body contouring surgery.

Mr Ross is a specialist in body contouring and breast rejuvenation surgery and helps patients from across the region, including areas such as Cheshire, Altrincham, Wirral, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Nantwich, Sale, Prestwich and Whitefield, to feel confident in their appearance again. 

Abdominoplasty as part of undergoing mummy makeover surgery

After pregnancy one of the main issues that may prove difficult to solve with diet and exercise is the abdomen area. Post-pregnancy women can be left with a variety of concerns pertaining to the mid section, including lax, sagging skin and stretch marks, as well as internal issues such as damaged muscles.

As part of mummy makeover surgery treatment plans an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery as most patients know it, is the most common procedure under this umbrella term. There are variants of abdominoplasty (including full and mini tummy tuck surgery) and which form of this body contouring is offered is down to the individual patient.

During abdominoplasty as part of a body reshaping overhaul excess skin can removed/lifted, and the contours of the tummy area can be redefined. A smoother silhouette is just one of the benefits of tummy tuck surgery, but some patients can also lose stretch marks.

For some patients the issue is purely aesthetic, whereas for others the muscles affected by pregnancy may need tightening, and thanks to the versatility of this procedure much can be offered in terms of restoring the mid section.

Breast rejuvenation surgery as part of a mummy makeover

The breasts can be affected by pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, and for many women undergoing breast surgery in combination with tummy tuck surgery can prove to be life changing. Breast rejuvenation surgery may include breast augmentation, mastopexy (breast uplift surgery) or fat transfer, with the goal of improving volume and/or lifting the breasts.

When patients visit seeking breast rejuvenation as part of mummy makeover surgery (or because of extreme weight loss) the main issues are empty breasts lacking in volume, sagging skin and drooping of the tissue; this in turn often makes the breasts sit lower on the body.

Mastopexy and breast uplift surgery can help to reposition the breasts, lifting them to a more youthful position. This can include a breast implant if desired, although often an implant will not be enough to change the projection of the breast.

Additional mummy makeover Manchester surgery procedures

For some women additional body reshaping procedures will need to be undertaken during surgery. These can include liposuction, fat transfer or body lifting procedures – such as brachioplasty (arm lift surgery) and thigh lift surgery – to ensure a good overall result. Any of these can be added to tummy tuck surgery or breast rejuvenation surgery/breast uplift surgery providing a combination approach to your care.

Autologous fat transfer can help to restore natural volume to the breasts (although it can’t replace breast uplift surgery/mastopexy) as part of a wider mummy makeover, and liposuction can help to reduce stubborn fat from areas of the body affected by weight loss and pregnancy. Booking a consultation is the best way to discover which body contouring procedures are likely to give you the best results.

Book a mummy makeover surgery consultation

Helping patients from Manchester and the wider area including Cheshire, Altrincham, Wirral, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Nantwich, Sale, Prestwich and Whitefield Mr Ross is one of the specialists in the UK for mummy makeovers. Book a consultation on 0845 6250640 to discuss your needs, and you can see examples of this form of body reshaping surgery on the Mummy Makeover case study pages which include breast rejuvenation surgery, breast uplift surgery and abdominoplasty/tummy tuck surgery.

What is mummy makeover surgery?

Discover what body contouring procedures are part of mummy makeover surgery

Mummy makeover surgery alludes to the combination of several surgical body contouring procedures designed to rejuvenate the body.

Most commonly this form of rejuvenation surgery includes a form of abdominoplasty (also know as the tummy tuck surgery) and fat removal, plus breast rejuvenation surgery of some kind. This can include mastopexy (breast uplift surgery) or breast augmentation surgery – with or without implants.

Not just for women seeking to improve their physical appearance post-pregnancy, multiple-procedure plans can also help women who may have lost a substantial amount of weight or are unhappy with the effects of the ageing process.

Mr Gary Ross is an expert in this field of cosmetic surgery and assists patients from across Manchester including areas such as Cheshire, Altrincham, Wirral, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Nantwich, Sale, Prestwich and Whitefield looking to combine abdominoplasty and tummy tuck surgery variations with breast rejuvenation surgery.

Which specific procedures will this surgery include?

This is an entirely individual and bespoke form of body contouring surgery, and therefore there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to undergoing a mummy makeover Manchester. Mr Ross tailors a treatment plan to maximise the surgical outcomes with the aim of improving the way a patient looks on the outside and feels on the inside.

Which combination of body reshaping and breast rejuvenation surgery procedures undertaken as part of a mummy makeover Manchester is determined during a consultation. This informal meeting with your plastic surgeon is designed to allow you to voice your concerns and receive some expert advice.

A mummy makeover Manchester can include several body contouring procedures including abdominoplasty; a surgical procedure know more commonly as tummy tuck surgery designed to reduce excess skin and fat as well as repair damaged or separated muscles where necessary.

Tummy tuck surgery as part of a mummy makeover

– There are several variations of abdominoplasty including ‘mini tummy tuck’ surgery options, so you can be sure Mr Ross will tailor a plan to directly tackle specific issues.

– Abdominoplasty forms part of a mummy makeover surgery because it helps to reduce excess skin, remove stretch marks and improve the overall contours of the mid section.

– A scar is inevitable, however, most prospective patients agree this is preferable to sagging, hanging skin that may occur due to pregnancy or significant weight loss.

Breast rejuvenation surgery as part of a mummy makeover

– Which form of breast surgery a patient requires depends on the specific concerns they present with. As part of mummy makeover surgery, mastopexy (breast uplift surgery) and breast augmentation may be offered.

– Breast uplift surgery is the most common procedure as part of mummy makeover surgery because it’s specifically designed to lift the breasts up, removing excess skin if needed. The nipple is usually repositioned and breast implants can be utilised during the same breast rejuvenation surgery procedure.

– Alternative options to breast uplift surgery include breast reduction and breast augmentation; this usually includes implants to improve volume which may have been lost due to breast feeding, weight loss or ageing.

Other body contouring procedures that are considered as part of mummy makeover surgery can include thigh lift surgery, brachioplasty (an arm lift to remove excess skin or reduce bingo wings) and full body lifting.

We help patients based in Manchester as well as surrounding areas including Cheshire, Altrincham, Wirral, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Nantwich, Sale, Prestwich and Whitefield. Call the clinic today on 0161 4014064 if you wish to learn more about this type of cosmetic surgery; alternatively you’ll find extensive information on the mummy makeover page.

Rejuvenate the body with mummy makeover surgery

How would mummy makeover surgery improve your self-esteem?

For women seeking to improve their self-esteem post pregnancy, mummy makeover surgery can offer life-changing results, both physically and mentally.

Surgical body contouring procedures can be combined to improve the appearance of areas of the body most commonly affected when pregnant; in most cases this includes both the abdomen and the breasts. Breast rejuvenation, breast uplift and tummy tuck surgery can all be offered as part of one surgical visit, making this form of cosmetic surgery increasingly popular.

Mr. Ross is a body contouring surgery expert in Manchester, helping patients from across the region in areas including Cheshire, Altrincham, Wirral, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Nantwich, Sale, Prestwich and Whitefield look and feel fantastic again.

Who is mummy makeover surgery suitable for?

Pregnancy can take its toll on a woman’s body, affecting both the skin quality and the tightness of muscles. Regardless of how trim or ‘in shape’ a patient may have been before having a baby, the process of gaining and losing weight, as well as breast feeding, can leave the body looking remarkably different.

Of course, this can impact someone’s self-esteem leading to unhappiness – but there are body contouring options that can help. For women unhappy with the appearance of loose skin on the abdomen or empty, sagging breasts post-pregnancy (or alternatively due to the ageing process) Mr. Gary Ross offers a combination of procedures known collectively as mummy makeover surgery.

What is involved in combination body lift surgery?

Designed to surgically improve these aesthetic concerns and boost self-esteem, procedures can include abdominoplasty, liposuction and fat removal, breast augmentation, breasy rejuvenation and mastopexy/breast uplift.

Each surgical procedure offered as part of combination surgery offers patients a different aesthetic resolution, and Mr. Ross will tailor the surgical solutions to ensure your specific goals and issues are addressed.

Tummy tuck surgery: During an abdominoplasty several issues can be improved; excess skin and fat can be reduced, the abdominal wall muscles can be tightened, and – if required – hernias can be addressed. In terms of skin rejuvenation in this area, stretch marks can also be removed or the appearance improved. Abdominoplasty (also known as a tummy tuck surgery) is an effective form of cosmetic surgery that offers long term results.

Breast rejuvenation: For lifting and improving volume in the breasts, mastopexy/breast uplift or breast augmentation can be considered as part of the breast rejuvenation side of mummy makeover surgery. The position, shape and volume of the breasts can change during and after pregnancy, and each concern can be corrected during breast surgery.

A proportion of women will require a breast uplift whilst others may need mastopexy plus breast implants to address volume loss or to increase breast size. In some cases the nipple will need to be repositioned during breast rejuvenation surgery, which is discussed during your consultation.

Things to consider before undergoing surgery

Whether you choose to undergo breast uplift or other breast rejuvenation surgery procedures with a tummy tuck there are some things to consider before committing to undergoing cosmetic surgery. Scaring is to be expected with procedures such as abdominoplasty and breast rejuvenation procedures including mastopexy or breast uplift, but most women choosing this form of cosmetic surgery agree that this is a reasonable trade off for improved self-esteem and body confidence. The recovery process can also be demanding and you will require time away from work.

A consultation is required to determine suitability and every patient is given a bespoke treatment plan designed for their specific concerns. During a consultation you will also learn about the risks associated with the procedures involved, such as tummy tuck surgery and breast rejuvenation, and you’ll given time to consider your options before committing to mummy makeover surgery.

More information on mummy makeover surgery

You can improve your self-esteem and rejuvenate the body with a combination of body lift, tummy tuck and breast rejuvenation procedures. For more information about undergoing body contouring procedures such as tummy tuck surgery and breast uplift, or to book a consultation to discuss your needs, please contact the team on 0161 4014064.

Prospective patients from Manchester, and surrounding areas including Cheshire, Altrincham, Wirral, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Nantwich, Sale, Prestwich and Whitefield, can also find out more detailed information about this type of cosmetic surgery via the Mummy Makeover page.