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What You Need to Consider When Getting a Tummy Tuck

Do you find yourself heading to the gym to try and get the rock hard abs you dream of, but find it frustrating to achieve? There are many physical changes that occur to the body, no more commonly than the stomach. When we think of childbirth, weight fluctuations and the general ageing process, it goes through a lot. Unfortunately, as many people find it can be difficult to achieve your youthful figure around your stomach. 

One way patients opt to go back to the figure that they once knew is through a tummy tuck surgical procedure, also known as an abdominoplasty. It helps to achieve a sculpted waist and smooth the appearance of your stomach. 

As with any surgical procedure, there are considerations to make and the same goes for getting a tummy tuck. Complications and recovery concerns should be outlined and it’s important these are considered to make sure it’s the right procedure for you. Here are some points to consider when getting a tummy tuck:

Significant downtime is required

A tummy tuck procedure is a major procedure, therefore it will require time to heal. This is due to the incision running right across the hip below the stomach so you should expect recovery to take up to at least 2-3 weeks after the surgery. 

Shortly after the surgery, you will feel fatigued and sore as the incisions will be raw. Gradually, as time passes your body will naturally begin to recover and you can ensure a speedier recovery by adhering to the recovery guidelines that are provided to you. You may also need some help at home whilst you recover and avoid strenuous activities for at least 4 weeks.

It requires a stable weight before going ahead

During your consultation when getting a tummy tuck procedure, your surgeon will examine your current physical condition to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure. As part of the procedure, they’ll also examine your weight as they’ll need to be sure you’re at a stable enough weight for the surgery to run smoothly. 

This is important as any fluctuations in weight prior to your surgery can impact the contoured results of your surgery. 

Permanent scars will occur from the procedure

It’s important to be aware that with a tummy tuck surgery being such a major surgery, it will leave scarring. This is because the incision is made from hip to hip above the pubic bone. Of course, over time the scar will fade but it will remain visible for many years. Despite this, experienced surgeons will place the incision in an area that is most concealed for underneath clothing.

Full healing can take up to a year

You should expect the full results of your tummy tuck soon after your surgery. In fact, the first several weeks you will experience bruising, swelling and redness in the early stages of recovery. It won’t be until around 4-6 weeks that you’ll start to see results before around 6 months where the swelling will significantly reduce. Although around 6 months you will start to feel back to your old self it won’t be until around a year when you’re likely to see a full recovery. 

Getting a tummy tuck at Gary Ross

We offer vast experience and knowledge of tummy tuck procedures. Our team at Gary Ross will be able to guide you throughout the process and ensure we try to meet your needs as much as possible. Please refer to our abdominoplasty case studies to gain a better understanding of the type of results you’re likely to achieve and find more details about the procedure on our tummy tuck procedure page. Contact us today to book a consultation. 

How A Mummy Tuck Can Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

How To Rejuvenate Your Body After Pregnancy

Increasing numbers of women are seeking abdominoplasty procedures like the mummy tuck to get back into shape after pregnancy.

Pregnancy has a dramatic effect on the body, especially the abdomen. For many women the excess skin they’re left with can’t be helped by diet or exercise.

If skin doesn’t retract it can be left hanging and be a source of both emotional distress and physical discomfort. For women that wish to reduce this excess skin the mummy tuck may be the answer.

What Is The Mummy Tuck?

This is a form of abdominoplasty designed specifically to address post-pregnancy excess skin. Often completed as part of a mummy makeover (tummy tuck with breast rejuvenation and/or liposuction) it’s a long term solution and is classed as a surgical procedure.

What Does This Procedure Involve?

The mummy tuck can only be completed after a full consultation. Surgery takes place under anaesthetic and requires a hospital stay.

During surgery an incision is made in the abdomen and the skin that needs removing is cut away. Excess fat can also be removed.

The abdominal muscles below the skin can be tightened if necessary. This is often needed as the abdominal wall splits during pregnancy. Surgery can repair this.

The incision is then closed and you’ll return to ward to recover. You need to rest and allow the wound to heal safely. Your plastic surgeon in Manchester will give you all the recovery information you need.

How much does this surgery cost?

That depends entirely on who completes your mummy tuck abdominoplasty and where you have the procedure. Each case should be considered individually and a tailored procedure offered.

Do The Result Last A Long Time?

This is a surgical procedure so the results are long lasting. If you choose to undergo a mummy tuck but then have more children the results are unlikely to be retained.

See the information below to ascertain if you’re suitable for this type of abdominoplasty surgery.

Who Is A Mummy Tuck Suitable For?

This type of abdominoplasty is suitable for women who have had a child and dislike the way the skin has been left post pregnancy. The mummy tuck is best completed after you have finished having children.

Who Isn’t The Mummy Tuck Suitable For?

Woman who intend on having more children. Smokers are also advised to quit smoking if they wish to be considered for this abdominoplasty procedure.

More Information About This Abdominoplasty Procedure

If you would like more information about the mummy tuck please contact us via email or telephone. You can book a consultation to discuss your needs or goals in full with Mr Ross.

There is more information about mummy makeover procedures on the treatment pages too.

What is involved in a Mummy Makeover?

Which surgical procedures are included in a mummy makeover?

In recent years we have seen a surge in popularity for the procedures collectively known as the mummy makeover. This term refers to a selection of body contouring procedures that are designed to improve the body after pregnancy or extreme weight loss.

The procedures which are included in the term mummy makeover usually include some kind of tummy tuck surgery, otherwise known as an abdominoplasty, and a breast rejuvenation procedure. Other procedures that may be included may be a thigh lift or liposuction.

A mummy makeover essentially includes two all more body contouring or body shaping treatments that are designed to lift and firm the skin. Most women who choose this type of cosmetic surgery are seeking to rejuvenate their body post pregnancy.

Why choose a mummy makeover?

Usually, someone would choose a mummy makeover because they are unhappy with the appearance of the abdomen and breasts. The point of this type of cosmetic surgery is to rejuvenate the midsection and the breasts in order to improve the appearance of the body and improve the self-esteem of the woman.

Who is a mummy makeover suitable for?

A mummy makeover is suitable for women who have had children and don’t wish to go through pregnancy again. If you are still considering having more children it is advised that you refrain from undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures like those listed above until you have finished your family.

Are the results long lasting?

The results of a mummy makeover are long-lasting. Because the procedures included in this type of cosmetic rejuvenation our surgical, the results will last for many years. Of course, this does not prevent the ageing process in any way, and breasts that have been uplifted will begin to sag again in future due to ageing. However, most patients agree that the results of breast rejuvenation surgery or abdominoplasty are worth the investment.

Will I need further surgery?

In most cases, patients are happy with the outcome of their various surgeries. However, in some cases, further surgery may be needed.

Also if you undergo a procedure like a breast uplift in your 20s or early 30s you may well need to undergo another procedure later on in life if you are unhappy with how are your breasts look as the ageing process kicks in.

Can I choose which procedures I have?

Your plastic surgeon will advise you on which procedures are most likely to provide you with the best result. It is then up to you to go away and decide whether or not a mummy makeover is the best choice for you.

More information

If you would like more information about this kind of body rejuvenation surgery please contact the clinic to arrange a consultation. You will also find more information about each of the procedures on our treatment pages.

The Different Types Of Abdominoplasty Surgery

The Different Types Of Abdominoplasty Surgery

When choosing tummy tuck surgery you need to know the types of abdominoplasty surgery that are available and ultimately which form of the procedure is most suitable for your aesthetic goals and circumstances.

Mr Gary Ross is a plastic surgeon in Manchester who specialises in this form of body rejuvenation surgery. He performs a myriad of tummy tuck treatments designed to recontour the abdomen, both as stand alone procedures or as part of mummy makeover surgery.

Under the umbrella of abdominoplasty surgery there are several variations of the popular cosmetic surgery procedure, including fleur de lis abdominoplasty and the mini tummy tuck, as well as the ‘traditional tummy tuck’.

A patient may choose to seek tummy tuck surgery for a number of reasons. In most cases this type of body contouring surgery is undertaken to improve the mid section after pregnancy (mummy makeover surgery) extreme weight loss or the ageing process. The basic principle is to remove excess skin and firm the appearance of the mid section, although techniques vary depending on the patient’s individual needs.

Mini Tummy Tuck

If a ‘full’ or traditional tummy tuck is not required, a mini tummy tuck may be suggested to remove excess fat and skin. This is still a surgical procedure, of course, but only addresses the lower abdominal area. Patients who have excess loose tissue following childbirth or following previous abdominal surgery are usually the best candidates for this type of body rejuvenation surgery.

Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck

The fleur de lis abdominoplasty removes unwanted or excess fat and skin and rejuvenates the abdominal area to leave the abdomen looking firmer and tighter. Mr Ross is one of the pioneers of this for of tummy tuck surgery in the UK. This body contouring procedure is usually more suitable for patients who have a lot of excess skin and fat in the upper abdomen and/or around the flanks.

Most notably, TV presenter Lisa Riley underwent this form of body rejuvenation surgery after losing a substantial amount of weight. In some cases, this type of abdominoplasty is offered to patients that have midline abdominal scars already, as part of treatment to rejuvenate the area further. Every case is different and an assessment is required to determine suitability.

Whether a patient undergoes a mini tummy tuck or requires the fleur de lis, all variations of abdominoplasty are surgical and require invasive techniques. For this reason, undergoing tummy tuck surgery should be considered thoroughly and only after consultation with a plastic surgeon.

What to expect during a consultation

A consultation for a fleur de lis or mini tummy tuck procedures enables the patient to learn more about the body contouring procedures. It’s an opportunity for the plastic surgeon to evaluate and advise on a treatment plan based on the results of an examination, but also allows the patient to ask questions and get an understanding about the abdominoplasty procedure and recovery.

Whether fleur de lis abdominoplasty or mini tummy tuck is undertaken, scarring is unavoidable, but most patients agree this is a fair trade for a flatter abdomen and a more toned appearance to the mid section. Both abdominoplasty procedures can form part of wider mummy makeover surgery, alongside breast uplift/mastopexy procedures.

Mr Ross helps patients from Manchester and surrounding areas, including Cheshire, Altrincham, Wirral, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Nantwich, Sale, Prestwich and Whitefield, to transform their appearance with tummy tuck surgery and mummy makeover surgery. It’s important to have realistic expectations of the outcome of abdominoplasty surgery, and your plastic surgeon should manage expectations before and after the procedure.

To find out more about this form of body rejuvenation surgery, and how it can form part of mummy makeover surgery, get in touch to arrange a consultation.