The Team

MDT Team – Multidisciplinary Team

The Multidisciplinary Team of Consultant Surgeons and Nurses meet on a regular basis in order to provide patients with the optimal support network. Through this MDT team cases, options and outcomes can be discussed which helps provide patients with additional support throughout the surgical journey.

Consultant Team

Mr Ross values the support of his consultant colleagues Mr Khan and Miss Holt. It is important that all patients are provided with optimal care throughout the surgical journey. On the rare occasion where Mr Ross is not available Mr Khan and Miss Holt provide consultant cover. Mr Khan and Miss Holt are also available for joint consultations and MDT discussions and are frequently involved in complex cases – often where patients request multiple site surgery. Having worked together for over 15 years the team consistently provides the optimal care throughout the surgical journey.

Out Patient Team

From preoperative consults to 3D imaging through to postop dressing and postoperative consultations Beth and Emma provide the optimal patient experience. They have a wealth of experience and help support the smooth running of the practice.

Theatre Team

Mr Ross believes that the best results are obtained by having a consistent theatre team. Mr Ross is indebted to the dedication of all the team and their willingness /drive in the delivery of the highest possible standards.

Claudia – Head Of Research And Development

Claudia has a Masters degree in Psychology and heads the research department that focuses on Psychological profiling and patient / clinical plastic surgery outcomes. Claudia has a vast experience of the practice and has worked in Mr Ross’s practice for over 3 years.

Dr Gajanan

Dr Gajanan has worked with Mr Ross for over 15 years and provides surgical support and assistance. Dr Gajanan also has an advisory capacity within the team and is a valuable team member. He has a vast experience in plastic surgery and helps maintain and train staff competencies within the team.

Emma – Specialist Plastics Nurse

Emma works as a specialist plastics nurse within the team providing support to patients through the preoperative and postop journey. Emma has a vast knowledge of plastic surgery and is primarily based within the out patients department and has been working with Mr Ross for over 5 years. She is committed to ensuring you receive the highest standard of personal care through the pre and post procedure period.

Beth – Specialist Plastics Nurse

Beth works as a specialist plastics nurse within the team. Beth has a dual role. She works alongside Emma in the out patient department providing support to patients through the preoperative and postop journey. As a specialist senior ward nurse she helps patients from admission, through their surgical journey, until discharge. Beth has extensive experience in the management of patients throughout the journey and has over 5 years experience within the practice.


Donna works in a variety of roles within the team to support patients throughout their journey. She was worked with Mr Ross for over 18 years and is an invaluable member of the team. She offers a vast range of support in her roles as surgical assistant, scrub nurse and specialist plastic nurse in out patients. She also works in an advisory and training capacity within the team.

Emma – Lead Anaesthetic Assistant

Emma is the lead anaesthetic assistant and supports patients throughout the operative day of surgery. As a senior staff nurse she provides direct support to Dr Haji Michael (Consultant Anaesthetist) and is an invaluable member of the theatre team and has been working within the team for over 10 years.

Andria – Plastics Scrub Lead

Andria is the plastics scrub lead at the BMI Alexandra and helps to organise all the equipment, staff and lists required to provide the optimal care for you during the operative journey. She has a vast experience gained throughout her training in both Cyprus and the UK and has been working within the team over 5 years ago.

Robin – Plastics Scrub Nurse

Robin is one of the most dedicated experienced plastics scrub nurses in the UK. With over 40 years experience he has helped train and maintain the highest standards of care and helped pioneer a vast range of new plastic surgery techniques. He has worked with Mr Ross for over 20 years and has helped train some of the most eminent plastic surgeons in the UK.

Tia – Lead Plastic Surgery Theatre Assistant

Tia is the lead plastic surgery theatre assistant who helps in the set up of theatres and the running of theatres. She helps organise the lists and helps ensure the safety of theatres. The plastics theatre team are indebted to her hard work and dedication.

Dr Haji Michael – Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Haji Michael is a Consultant Anaesthetist who provides anaesthetic support to Mr Ross. Having worked with Mr Ross for over 15 years Dr Haji Michael has aided the development of a consistent team which is essential in maintaining patient safety. Dr Haji Michael provides MDT and joint preoperative consultations and has extensive experience of working in ITU and the management of complex patients.