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Breast Asymmetry

The correction of breast asymmetry may combine a combination of a number of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic procedures.

What Is Breast Asymmetry?

The correction of breast asymmetry may combine a combination of a number of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. Breast augmentation, Mastopexy, Mastopexy implant, breast reduction, autologous fat transfer and other breast reconstructive techniques can be used to correct the optimal result. It may be that a different technique is performed on each side and there may be a need to perform a number of opertaions. It is important to discuss all the options at consultation.

Who Is It Suitable For?

For those who wish to rejuvenate the breast, for those wishing to increase volume, for those wishing to improve shape, for those wishing to correct breast asymmetry and for those following breast reconstruction.

Who Is Breast Asymmetry Surgery Not Suitable For?

A person may not be a suitable candidate if they’ve got significant medical history or if they smoke. Anyone who has been encouraged to improve their body by others is also not considered to be suitable for surgery.

How Much Does Breast Asymmetry Cost?

The cost of surgery greatly depends on what exactly is required. After your consultation the surgeon will have a better understanding of your expectations, so will be able to provide you with a quote that will include the surgeons, hospitals and anaesthetic fee.

Breast Asymmetry is apparent in all breasts and no breast is identical. It would be suggested that breasts are like sisters rather than twins. When asymmetry causes functional and aesthetic issues breast asymmetry correction should be considered. The crucial decision is to determine size. If one is happy with the size of the smaller breast then it may be possible to reduce the larger breast. If the smaller breast is too large then the smaller breast can be reduced and the larger breast reduced even further to create asymmetry. If the smaller breast is insufficient in volume then volume replacement may be required. The options include breast implants and autologous fat transfer. Breast implants provide a more reliable means of volume replacement. Once one has determined the appropriate size one then must concentrate on shape. Shape can be altered by lifting the nipple areola complex and placing the nipples to a similar height. Occasionally the skin of the breast may be tight or constricted and it may mean that there needs to be additional surgery to try and recruit additional skin. Many different options are available and often a combination of mastopexy / breast reduction, breast augmentation either as a one stage or a two stage procedure may be required.

The consultation for breast asymmetry often requires a number of visits and may involve a number of consultations to try and size patients appropriately. There are often many different options and many different pros and cons to discuss. Choice may depend on whether one has completed ones family or whether one wishes to breast feed in the future. Results can alter with time especially with pregnancy or weight loss and it is likely that over time that there will always be a difference between the two sides. Further operations may be required

The recovery depends on the operation being performed and one can view the relevant recoveries on the other pages of this website.

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