Nipple Correction

Who Is It Suitable For?

Inverted nipple correction is for those who have nipples that face inwards compared to nipples that face outwards. Inverted nipple surgery is a relatively quick procedure and only requires a local anaesthetic.

Who Is It Not Suitable For?

Nipple correction surgery is not for those who are considering having more children. There are many pros and cons when it comes to surgeries such as mastopexy implants. Someone who is considering having inverted nipple correction should carefully think about both the positives and negatives.

How Much Does Nipple Correction Cost?

The price of inverted nipple surgery can vary. Once you have had your consultation, a quotation will be given to you about the nipple correction surgery.

It is common for both males and females to want inverted nipple correction to create a more aesthetic look for their nipples. The absence of the nipple or inverted nipples is common with the human body. It is something that you should embrace more than not appreciate. However, nipple correction surgery is there to make people feel more confident in how their body looks and that is exactly what we offer here at Gary Ross. Around 10% – 20% in the general population are born with inverted nipples so it is more common than you think. 

What Is The Cause Of Inverted Nipples?

There are several reasons why you might have an inverted nipple:

For females, it could be caused due to the breast duct, also known as the milk duct, being too short. Another common reason for inverted nipples is the tightening of the duct’s tissue. This is because the traction is disproportionate between the tissue and the smooth muscle which keeps the nipple erect. Additionally, there could also be too much connective tissue in the nipple. Finally, there could be many other natural causes of an inverted nipple. It could be down to genetics, lactation, pregnancy or it could even be caused by trauma. All of the reasons are valid for why you might want inverted nipple correction.

Patients with a total absence of the nipple or retracted nipples that will not evert by other means are often good candidates. Most procedures, such as breast augmentation, can be performed under local anaesthetic and often take less than one hour to perform with patients able to go home shortly after nipple correction surgery. There can be some discomfort initially although this usually settles. The nipples do swell over the first few weeks and can look very prominent. 

They settle down over the next few months and the final results are usually apparent after 3-6 months. The downside of nipple correction is that the nipples can flatten over several years. Usually, all the scars soften and fade over a few months and where the nipple has been created with areola skin the scars are often not visible. For women having nipple correction/ creation following reconstruction, an areola tattoo is often placed over the scars.

What To Expect During Your Consultation?

When you are having your consultation with us at Gary Ross, we expect you to be open and honest. You can ask any questions that you would like in regards to nipple correction. Questions will be asked about your health, what you expect from inverted nipple correction and the lifestyle that you live. We will help you decide whether or not the nipple correction surgery is right for you. You will be alerted about the risks and complications that come from inverted nipple correction. 

Preparing For Liposuction

Nipple correction surgery is performed under local or general anaesthetic. If you are feeling unwell days before your inverted correction surgery then give us a call and we can’t postpone and arrange a new date for you. Your health is important to us and we do not want any issues to occur after your nipple correction surgery. If you are a smoker, it is recommended that you stop smoking six weeks before inverted nipple surgery. It is also recommended that you stop taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and any herbal supplements. You might need some tests before inverted nipple surgery to make sure that you are healthy and ready for your operation.  

The Surgery

Nipple correction surgery takes around thirty minutes to two hours. You will be under local or general anaesthetic when inverted nipple surgery. The surgeon that is working on your inverted nipple correction will cut under your nipple, then free it from any tissue. Once that is done, a stitch is secured and placed around the nipple. Next, a splint will need to remain in the position for one week. Once the nipple correction surgery is completed, a gauze dressing will be placed so it does not catch onto any clothing. 

After Surgery

Once your nipple correction surgery has finished and your local anaesthetic has worn off. You will then return to the ward within an hour and will be told to mobilise straight away. You will also be able to eat and drink once you return to the ward. Most patients will feel a bit of discomfort around the area after inverted nipple surgery. You will be told to avoid anything that requires physical work or heavy exercise. The majority of the patients can return to work within the next few days after nipple correction surgery. It is also recommended that you do not wear padded bras or anything that is going to be too tight on the nipple for the next ten to fourteen days. If you do suffer from any pain after inverted nipple surgery then you take medications such as paracetamol to cope with the pain. If you suffer from any pain that is causing you a lot of stress after your nipple correction surgery then contact us or your local GP.

Risks And Complications

Most of our patients are happy with the whole procedure in regards to inverted nipple correction. It is normal for you to feel a bit of numbness, bruising or swelling around the nipple after your nipple correction. Swelling can take a few weeks before it begins to go down after nipple correction surgery. Uncommon side effects are nipple retraction, changes of the nipple or breast and tissue breakdown. If you are noticing any of these complications then get in touch with us or your local GP. 

The cost of inverted nipple correction varies on the patient. Once you have had your consultation with us and decided whether or not you want to go on with the surgery. We will give you the cost of the surgery there.

Yes, they can be fixed in several ways. Nipple correction surgery is the one that is going to be most successful for you. However, many people are anxious about inverted nipple surgery. You will be under local or general anaesthetic before the surgery begins so you do not need to worry about being awake.

The good thing to mention about inverted nipples is the fact they usually don’t cause any issues. Any natural causes for your inverted nipples usually do not increase any health complications. It also does not affect the sensitivity of your nipples as well. If you still wish for inverted nipple correction then you can contact us here.

Being overweight is not one of the causes of inverted nipples. However, there are many causes out there that might cause them. Ageing, breastfeeding, breast surgery, injury, genetics, bacterial infection, mammary duct ectasia, abscess under areola and cancer are all the main reasons for inverted nipples.

If you have had inverted nipples then it is something that you do not need to worry about. If you have noticed a change in your nipples recently, you should get in touch with your local GP.

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