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Nipple Correction

Who Is It Suitable For?

For those patients with a congenital or acquired loss of their nipple. Most nipple corrections can be performed under local anaesthetic and rarely require a general anaesthetic.

Who Is It Not Suitable For?

Patients with unrealistic expectations and those who plan to have more children should consider the pros and cons of an operation.

How Much Does Nipple Correction Cost?

You’ll be provided with a quote after your consultation which will include all fees and all the benefits of the BMI’s options package.

It is not unusual for women to wish to create a more aesthetic nipple appearance. This may because of a total absence of the nipple or due to the nipple being inverted and instead of pointing outward points inward. There are many different causes and a consultation will help to determine whether surgery is a suitable option. It is believed that around 10-20% of people are born with inverted nipples.

Patients with total absence of the nipple or retracted nipples that will not evert by other means are often good candidates. Most procedures can be performed under local anesthetic and often take less than one hour to perform with patients able to go home shortly after surgery. There can be some discomfort initially although this usually settles. The nipples do swell over the first few weeks and can look very prominent. They settle down over the course of the next few months and the final results are usually apparent after 3-6months. The biggest downside of nipple correction is that the nipples can flatten over a number of years. Usually all the scars soften and fade over a period of months and where the nipple has been created with areola skin the scars are often not visible. For women having nipple correction/ creation following reconstruction an areola tattoo is often placed over the scars.

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