3 Possible Benefits From Getting Your Ears Pinned Back

Cosmetic ear surgery is more technically known as Otoplasty surgery and involves reshaping ears for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Whilst some of the procedures can involve adjusting the cartilage around the ears or correcting large and stretched earlobes, you can also consider it for getting your ears ‘pinned’ back.

You may consider getting your ears pinned back if you feel they stick out naturally further away from your head, whether it be one or both ears. The procedure itself will help to reshape or ‘pin back’ the ears to provide a better appearance. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the ears are physically pinned back, but the cartilage is changed to bring the ears closer to the head.

If you’re thinking of getting Otoplasty surgery, it may be benefit you in the following ways:

Disproportionate ears

If one of your ears are shaped or sized differently, you may benefit from Otoplasty surgery. If this is the case, you may only need surgery for one ear. You can discuss this during your consultation with your plastic surgery where you’ll be able to go over before and after photos of previous patients.

Protruding ears making you feel uncomfortable

Have you ever felt conscious about the appearance of your ears and they’re sticking too far away from your head? If so, you could benefit from getting your ears pinned back. Protruding ears can be subject to ridicule but it can help to raise your confidence if they’re pushed back. You should only consider doing this for yourself though and never because of how someone else portrays your appearance.

For children with protruding ears

Children over 5 can be applicable for the procedure. This is because by this age, their cartilage is stable enough for surgical correction. It also means that the ears would be fully grown and shouldn’t need any further surgery in the future.

As long as the child is emotionally ready and they are aware of what the results are, otoplasty can be an option for them. By opting for an Otoplasty procedure for a child, it can be great for their confidence and prevent potential teasing from other children.

Otoplasty at Gary L Ross

If you have any further questions about Otoplasty, you can contact us today to book a consultation where we can answer them. This will help us to determine whether you’re a good candidate for the surgery. Be sure to also visit our case studies page to see before and after pictures from our previous patients.

RSM 2020 Programme

Mr Ross was part of the faculty for the Royal Society of Medicine day that focused on aesthetic breast surgery. Mr Ross delivered two talks on Breast Reduction and Mummy Makeover surgery. The focus of this programme was for candidates to grasp the basics of aesthetic breast surgery.



12:00  Introduction         Naveen Cavale, President, RSM Plastic Surgery Section and Co-Chair

Second Chair – TBC

12:20 Gynaecomastia – Mo Akhavani

12:40 Mummy Makeover – Gary Ross

13.00 Breast Reduction – Gary Ross

13:20 Panel discussion (20 minutes)

13:40 Short break (10 minutes)

13:50 Auto-Augmentation Mastopexy – Adrian Richards

14:10 Breast Implant Illness – Ruth Waters

14:30 Aesthetic Surgery Credentialing – Ruth Waters

14:50 Panel discussion (20 minutes)

15:10 Short break (10 minutes)

15:20 My First 100 Breast Augmentations – Mo Akhavani

15:40 Starting out in breast augmentation: staying safe and efficient – Naveen Cavale

16:00 Closing comments & Q&A (20 minutes)

16:20 Close of day, optional sponsorship presentation

16:30 Virtual networking reception

BAAPS meeting 2019

Mr Ross was part of the faculty for the BAAPS regional training day and delivered two talks on breast augmentation – planning and implant selection and the management of asymmetry.


View Programme

Safeguarding the future of cosmetic surgery.

The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has launched the new system of certification to safeguard the cosmetic surgery industry.

Surgeons will be listed on the RCS website and patients will be able to seek advice from certified surgeons who have appropriate training and experience in clearly defined areas of specialism.

It is an honour to be the first surgeon to have certified in cosmetic surgery through the RCS and I see this as a significant advance in patient care that will improve the reputation of the profession.

In order to certify through the RCS I have provided evidence of my training, experience, outcomes, provided reflection on difficult cases and showed through appraisal, revalidation, patient/colleague feedback that I meet the professional standards that would be expected of a cosmetic surgeon. I have been impressed at the robustness of the system and feel that every cosmetic surgeon should certify through the RCS. The importance of providing care throughout the patient journey, liasing with colleagues and the importance of communication and dissemination of information / education in an open and transparent manner allows surgeons to reflect, share and learn. It is clear that all surgeons that attended the Professional Masterclass in Cosmetic Surgery have the belief that cosmetic surgery can be regulated, professional standards raised and patients safeguarded form both physical and psychological harm.

The importance of the ethical aspects of practice and the doctor patient relationship have also been highlighted by he Nuffield Council on Bioethics report on bioethics. They have advised that further reforms in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic interventions are necessary to protect patients and meet the high standards of care patients deserve. They have highlighted the need to extend regulation to help safeguard children from both physical and psychological harm and patients interests must be put at the forefront of any individual that offers cosmetic treatments.

I support Andrew Lansley’s cosmetic surgery bill  that will enable the General Medical Council to note on its medical register which surgeons have been awarded the RCS’ cosmetic surgery certification.

I hope that patients will feel that these awards of certification will help and reassure them.


Gary Ross Awarded Certificate of Excellence

Gary Ross Awarded Certificate of Excellence

Mr Ross given I Want Great Care award

Mr Gary Ross has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from I Want Great Care.

The annual award is given to practitioners and clinicians who receive outstanding patient feedback regularly.

Awarded by the world’s largest independent patient experience website, I Want Great Care ensure plastic surgeons like Mr Ross are awarded for their hard work and patient satisfaction.

Mr Ross said: “I’m delighted my patients are pleased with their surgery results. We strive for excellence and this certificate is testament to the overall care patients experience here”


Mr Ross Receives the Third Consecutive I Want Great Care Award

Mr Ross has received the I Want Great Care Certificate of Excellence from I want Great care for three consecutive years 2017,2018,2019. I want great care provides patients a validated platform to complete online reviews and provides patients looking to have surgery to explore the experiences of others. It is inviable that patients are fully informed and that patients can choose the right surgeon for them. It is an honour to have won this award for three consecutive years.

Mr Ross Receives His Fourth Realself Award

Mr Ross is honoured to receive his fourth award for clinical excellence in aesthetic surgery by Realself. Mr Ross is the only surgeon in the United Kingdom to have been ranked in the Realself top 100 or top 500 for the last 4 years. Less than 1% of the 20,000 medical professionals listed on the real self webite globally will receive an award each year and less than 1% of these professionals have achieved consecutive listings in the Realself top 100 or top 500. Achieving 4 awards in a row has only ever been achieved by a handful of surgeons.



The importance of Psychological Screening and the management of expectations

Mr Ross discusses the importance of Psychological Screening and the management of expectations for patients in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. It is very important that patients are fully informed and understand the pros and cons of surgery. Patients need to be aware that surgery may not be in their best interest and be able to be offered alternative avenues.

BBC “Holding back the years” with Arlene Phillips featuring Mr. Gary Ross

Mr Ross was involved in the BBC series hosted by Arlene Phillips “Holding back the years”. Mr Ross discusses the pros and cons of facial rejuvenation and what can be achieved with the varying different surgical techniques.



Cosmetic surgery ‘should be done by specialist surgeons’

It told the BBC the current rules allowed “GPs to do nose jobs” and that was “a big problem” for patients.

The organisation wants a new system to certify surgeons for each procedure.

Bodies that represent aesthetic plastic surgeons say that they support the idea but it will only help patients if it is “mandatory and policed”.

The whole industry has been under intense scrutiny since thousands of women were fitted with sub-standard breast implants made by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP).

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