Skin Reconstruction Surgery For Defects After Cancer

Unfortunately, we are continuing to see skin cancer rapidly rise in a number of patients and as a result, they’re requiring skin reconstruction surgery. The procedure to remove skin cancer cells can often leave defects on the skin which require reconstruction of the skin in order to provide it with a more aesthetically pleasing result. In this vlog, we’ll be exploring the different ways to reconstruct skin defects caused by cancer and where they commonly take place. 

The face is considered the most common area where skin reconstruction surgery is required and there are several areas where it can occur on the face. The example case study of this patient shows where she required the required face reconstruction. As part of the skin reconstruction surgery, local tissue was used to help with reconstructing the face. This is commonly known as a local flap which occurs in the nose area. For this particular example, the flap has its own blood supply with the reconstruction being relatively simple due to the colour and consistency of the defect. As a result, this has provided an aesthetically pleasing result.

Another way to reconstruct the skin following the removal of a defect is through skin grafting. This method can still leave a slight defect on the skin after the skin reconstruction surgery and it can appear apparent.

However, skin used from behind the ear or neck can provide a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Larger defects will require skin grafts which take the top layer of skin from the thigh. Contouring can appear worse but this is an ideal method to use in order to reconstruct the skin and allowing the skin to contract to make the defect appear smaller. Tissues can also be manipulated directly which can provide the best results out of the options available but it’s best to discuss these during your consultation to understand what’s best for you.

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What Is Involved In The Buttock Augmentation Procedure?

There are different ways to augment the buttocks which is why we tend to have many patients ask what is involved in the buttock augmentation procedure. Essentially, the most effective way to enhance the buttocks through a buttock augmentation procedure is either through incision techniques or by using tissue procedures such as body lifting. In this video, there will be more information provided on this and what you need to know about the surgery.

In the example of the first case study, it shows our patient who has gone through the buttock augmentation procedure. There are obvious differences in how much the surgery has improved the appearance of her buttocks from before to after. Over time there has been the introduction of silicone implants to improve the appearance of the buttocks which has seen a larger increase of its use since it was introduced.

It’s worth noting that there are several risks involved if the surgeon does not have an area of expertise in malpractice when it comes to the buttock augmentation procedure process. For example, it is considered illegal to inject fat into the buttocks and with a mortality rate of 1 in 3000, it has reduced the popularity of the procedure. If fat is to be injected, it should only be considered in a very small amount into the relevant issues. A second case study is provided to show the improvements that can be achieved when fat transfer and liposculpture are applied at the same time

As there are different options and risks involved with having the procedure it’s important to run through these in a consultation. For butt augmentation in malpractice, using small amounts of fat transfer is the preferred method in the butt augmentation procedure but the risks and limitations of this can be discussed in a consultation.

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What Is Body Contouring Surgery?

From all the surgery options that are available for patients, you may be asking what is body contouring surgery and how can it benefit you? In the next series of our vlog, we’ll be looking into the surgery and understanding further details about the type of surgery it is and in what ways can it help you.

What is body contouring surgery? Body contouring is defined as a way of a surgeon to alter and change the contour of the body through liposuction. During the process, fat is removed from the body to provide it with more definition. If needed, it is possible for the fat to be removed and purified. This means the surgeon can use the same body that they removed to inject it in other areas of the body. This so surgeons can provide the results that they need for the patient and place the fat in places that are needed. 

To understand what is body contouring, a case study is provided in the video which shows results pre and post-op. This particular patient has body-contouring surgery around her buttocks area and the results show great improvements.

Body contouring surgery can make improvements in many different ways to the body and it’s important that you go through the direct and indirect ways through your consultation which is performed before you take up surgery.

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