Having Plastic Surgery After Pregnancy

There has been a rapid expansion of patients wishing to have plastic surgery after pregnancy and the main areas are the breast and abdomen which they wish to have worked on. Skin can stretch over time and with age which causes stretch marks and excess skin to form on the body. This can decrease the volume of the breasts and it normally requires a redefinition of the contour in the hips and waist.

Plastic surgery after pregnancy can help to alter and improve the body when this occurs. It’s worth noting, however, that it’s unlikely to make it appear as it first was. The way it does this is by decreasing the level of stretch marks and lifting the skin tissues to provide a smoother result. 

In the first case study provided, it shows an example of a patient who has had a breast augmentation and abdominoplasty plastic surgery after pregnancy. The results show post-operatively that the contours of the body appearance have changed. Similarly, in the case study a patient has chosen to have breast augmentation, abdominoplasty and mastopexy to improve the contours of her body post pregnancy.

It’s important to note that with post-pregnancy surgery, you allow your body time to recover and that you choose to have the surgery at the right time of your life. You’re more than welcome to discuss all these points and concerns in your consultation.

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Different ways to contour your body through surgery

The choice to contour your body is a common surgery for most surgeons. The most common areas that patients request contouring on include the abdomen area, the breasts and the arms and thighs. In a lot of these surgeries, the surgery can also be done in a combination of areas.

This is shown in the case study provided where the lady has had her breasts and abdomen altered through surgery. Post-operatively, you can see that there has been a vast improvement in appearance for both areas.

There are a range of ways to contour your body through surgery. This can involve just liposuction alone which is shown in another example case study. Alternatively, it can also involve the procedure where only one zone tissue is operated on. The following case study shows results of a patient who has had a combination of abdominoplasty and fat transfer to the breasts to improve her appearance. 

Another way to contour your body is through implants where the appearance of the breast can appear fuller by lifting the breasts with fat or through an augmentation. Several case studies are provided to show these different methods. 

Due to the number of options available on how to contour the body, it’s important that your options are run through in a consultation to ensure that you receive the surgery that is right for you.

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I have different breast shapes, should I have the same implants?

A common question that patients tend to ask when they’re going through breast augmentation relates to them having different breast shapes, and whether because of this whether they should have the same or different shaped implants. When you ask yourself this question, it’s extremely important that the pros and cons are ran through for this during your consultation. 

It’s generally advised that having the same implants are more beneficial. In this vlog, there are 2 case studies provided of 2 patients who have different breast shapes. Despite them having different breast shapes, the same shaped implants have been used for both patients.

There are differences that can still occur with having the same implants but the differences are much less compared to the ones that would be visible post-operatively. According to literature, there’s a 30% chance of breast revision still being required 10 years after the surgery procedure has taken place. Considering this, it would be ideal to have the same implants with different breast shapes as this can be easier for the breast revision procedure. This is something that you should think about before deciding whether to have the same or different implants.

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