Ear Reshaping

Volumetric short scar rhytidectomy

Procedures combining a short scar with superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) manipulation are increasingly popular for patients with early signs of mid and lower-facial laxity seeking rhytidectomy. We present the senior author’s experience with a short scar volumetric malar imbrication rhytidectomy, which avoids post-auricular incisions and sub-SMAS dissection.


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Trends in aesthetic facial surgery: the Hamra lower lid blepharoplasty

The alterations caused by aging are noticeable first around the eyes and then on the neck and lower face. Peri-orbital rejuvenation techniques continue to evolve with a more detailed understanding of eyelid anatomy and the effects of aging on the eyelid and peri-orbital tissues.


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the role of endoscopic brow and minimal access facial lifts

Facial rejuvenation surgery has undergone significant changes. The need for an optimal long-term result with a shorter recovery, fewer complications and reduced scarring has led to a more critical appraisal of traditional surgical techniques and the development of endoscopic, suture/threads and minimal access cranial suspension techniques. This chapter aims to address the roles of endoscopic brow lifting and minimal access facial lifts in facial rejuvenation surgery.


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Breast Revision Video

Mum’s The Word

With the rise of the ‘mummy makeover’, post-pregnancy breast augmentations are becoming increasingly popular. Leading plastic surgeon Mr Gary Ross offers an insight into this procedure and how to make it work for you.


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One Stage Mastopexy

The use of one stage mastopexy augmentation in the ptotic patient remains controversial. Expansion of breast volume and reduction of the skin envelope contradict each other and increase the risks of potential complications. By carefully selecting and consenting patients appropriately I describe the use of the superiorly based dermal flap for autologous reinforcement of the inferior pole to increase safety and reliability in one stage mastopexy augmentation.


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Can I have liposuction on my abdomen?

How do I remove the excess skin around my belly button?

Mommy Makeover And Weightloss