3 Benefits of a Nose Bridge Reduction

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the perfect nose shape and size. There can be some part of our nose that we may not be happy with and look for potential options to help “correct” it. The bridge of a nose can often be a common issue for patients where it’s too high, creating a distorted side profile and potentially one you’re unhappy with. 

Nose bridge reduction surgery is one way that can help to resolve this issue. When your nose bridge is protruded, it can often make you appear older than you actually are. Nose bridge reduction will help to reduce the bridge and make the hump on your nose lower. By having such a surgery, there can be great benefits of a nose bridge reduction.

  1. Ideal Side Line

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons why a patient may opt for a nose bridge reduction is to reduce the appearance of the bridge. This can help with the appearance of your side profile where the increase in the bridge of the nose can appear significant.

As a result, many patients come away from the surgery feeling satisfied with their results knowing that the bridge of their nose isn’t as apparent on their face. 

  1. Natural looking results

Surgeons that are well experienced in rhinoplasty procedures will be well aware of the different techniques available to them to perform a nose bridge reduction surgery. The anatomy of the nose is extremely complex and surgeons need to have expert knowledge of the nose formation, including the cartilages and bone structure.

Each of the techniques that can be used to change the appearance of your nose bridge can provide natural looking results without significant appearance of scarring and incisions. 

  1. Improve confidence

One of the main reasons why patients opt to have a cosmetic surgery procedure is because they’re unhappy with their current appearance. This can lower self-esteem and make people feel conscious about the way they look. 

The nose is a large facial feature which means it can be very apparent when you feel there’s something not quite right with it. Going through nose bridge reduction surgery can help to change your appearance to needs that you want. Once these are achieved, it can work wonders for your confidence. 

Rhinoplasty surgery at Gary L Ross

If you’re considering rhinoplasty surgery to improve the appearance of your nose, Gary Ross works with a team of surgeons that can help you to achieve the results that you want. The before and after photos of previous patients shows the kinds of results that have been achieved in the past and you can be reassured that you’re in safe hands for your procedure. To learn more about the surgery, book a consultation with us today. 

4 Different Types of Facelifts

Are you seeing common signs of ageing in your facial appearance? Are you developing fine lines and wrinkles? If so, you may be considering a face lift to help resolve your ageing issues. Considering that each individual ages at different rates and stages in their life, there are different types of face lifts available to help cater to your specific needs.

Here are some face lifts that are available options to you as we go into more detail about each procedure and how it can help you to achieve a younger, youthful-looking appearance. 

  1. A mini-facelift

 A mini-facelift is a minimal approach to restoring youthful skin. It targets the lower area of the face specifically and helps to tackle minimal skin sagging and excess skin. This type of procedure would not be ideal if you’re looking to restore excessive sagging skin and heavy jowls, but it can help to create a smoother facial contour.

An ideal patient for this particular procedure would be a younger patient that has minimal signs of ageing and is looking to define the appearance of their face.

  1. Mid-facelift

Another different type of facelift is the mid-facelift that helps to tackle the mid-region of the face. It can help to elevate the appearance of the cheeks and reduce any deep creases. An ideal patient for this particular procedure would be one that doesn’t suffer from excessive skin sagging in the neck region.

Overall, the mid-face lift can help to define the contours of the face, eliminate smile lines and even improve the appearance of your lower eyelids. It can also be combined with other procedures if required.

  1. Neck liposuction

If you have excess fat under the chin, neck liposuction can help to target this area. Generally, neck liposuction is combined with facelift surgery to reduce the fat that appears in the neck area. 

This procedure tends to be appropriate for those that are looking to eliminate their “double-chin” and flatten any prominent jowls that they have. It’s also ideal if the candidate has minimal laxity around the neck skin.

  1. Deep plane facelift

Another different type of facelift that tackles the neck area are deep plane facelifts. Not only this, but it also targets severe skin sagging on the cheek. The procedure involves lifting the muscle tissue to correct the heavy cheeks. 

Deep plane facelifts are renowned for providing natural-looking long lasting relationships. Overall, it can help to provide a rejuvenated appearance to your face. 

Facelifts at Gary Ross

Gary Ross offers a range of face lift surgical procedures that can help to meet your needs and improve your facial ageing. For more details about facelifts and what the procedure entails, please see our face lift page. To book a consultation with us, visit our contact us page where you can fill in your details and we’ll be in touch to arrange your appointment.