Difficulties That Come With Having Large Breast Implants

One of the important aspects that you need to consider when having breast augmentation surgery is the size of the breast implants that you have. You may want a modest increase in size for your breasts or choose to have large breast implants that provide a more dramatic look.

The choice of size for your breast implants can have a significant effect on your appearance. The options you have available will be discussed during your consultation beforehand and it’s completely your choice what you prefer to have. It’s still worth being aware of what complications can arise if you were to have large breast implants.

Aesthetic appearance

When discussing your operation, you will go through all the possible options that are available to you. This will also include studying your anatomy and your build to discover what size is best suited to you. This is because if the size of the breast implants you choose is significantly larger to your body structure, it can make your aesthetic appearance seem disproportionate. Your large breast implants will appear less natural compared to your body. This also means the purchase of clothes can become more difficult to match your structure.

Skin becomes too stretched

The purpose of breast implants is to stretch the skin to make your breasts appear larger. However, if you choose large breast implants that may not be completely suited to your body, it can cause the skin to become too stretched. Over time, your breast can naturally sag and droop. With the weight of the breast implants, this can make your breasts droop sooner rather than later.

Asymmetry problems

Another issue that can arise if the implants are too big and heavy is asymmetry. Breast are never the same size and they naturally grow in slightly different sizes. When large breast implants are inserted, the skin will stretch the breasts. This means the excess weight of the implants can either cause one breast shape to be larger than the other or the nipples can appear in different positions. 

Everyday activities become difficult

It’s surprising to think a natural growth of breasts can be a reason why you’re unable to perform simple tasks. However, these breast implants can be an obstacle when it comes to exercising, swimming and even running. If you find yourself to be a very active individual, it’s worth considering this when choosing the size of your implants.

Pain in the back/neck

Pain in the back and neck is one of the most common reasons why naturally large-breasted patients opt for breast reduction surgery. The excessive weight of the breast implants can end up with pain in their shoulders, back, and neck throughout the day for patients. Whilst having breast implants can change your appearance, you need to question whether the difference in your appearance is worth the pain that you’ll witness.

Here at Gary Ross, we aim to ensure that we can provide all possible options available to you. Your wellbeing and happiness is our first priority when it comes to consulting you on your cosmetic surgery. At the same time, it’s also important that we provide you with both the pros and cons of what you choose so you can make an informed decision.

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