5 Common Signs Of Implant Rupture In Your Breasts

Over the years breast implants have become increasingly durable yet it’s still one of the biggest concerns for patients that have cosmetic breast augmentation surgery. On average, it’s suggested that the chances of implant rupture rates in breast augmentations increases around 10% every 10 years.

To prevent the possibility of an implant rupture, you’ll have regular check ups at your surgeon to ensure everything feels comfortable and is correct. Lifetime guarantees that come with your breast implants can also be a safety net to ensure you gain the right aftercare and have replacements in case something goes wrong.

However, it’s still important to be well aware of common signs of implant ruptures as this can allow you to act sooner before it’s too late. Read further to discover the common clinical signs of breast implant ruptures and what action to take should this happen.


Your Implant Feels Softer

Your implant tends to feel quite firm at the beginning stages of your surgery. This is due to increased technology over time which has enabled the implants to become more durable. It can be noticeable to feel your implants change once they’ve been placed underneath your skin. If you feel as though your implant has become softer, this gives an indication that gel from the implant has leaked therefore causing an implant rupture.


Your Implant Becomes Stiffer

In some cases, the opposite can happen and your implant can’t feel noticeably harder. This is a sign of capsular contracture, where the skin tissue reacts to the breast implants and causes them to form a different shape. This can also cause slight pain.


Your Breast Becomes Swollen

Another one of the common signs of an implant rupture is if your breast becomes swollen. This occurs because the fluid from the breast implants interacts with your tissue fluid which causes the breasts to swell and become noticeably rounded. If you see any noticeable signs of swelling, abnormal to swelling during your recovery, then you should seek urgent advice from your trusted plastic surgeon.


Lump In Your Breasts

Any form of lump that you discover in your breasts should be considered of high importance to be seen immediately. This is because it could also be a sign of breast cancer which should be examined by a specialist for further examination. The same a silicone breast implant rupture can feel like breast cancer, it can also work vice versa too. Examination may involve screening and imagery to be sure what the cause has been.


Pain Or Itching

If you feel any other discomfort after you’ve had your breast surgery and healed, such as pain or itching, these should also be considered as signs that you may have an issue with your breast implant. Be sure to check this with a specialist to ensure there has not been an implant rupture, or return to your clinic to notify them that you feel there are issues with your breast implants.

Here at Gary Ross, we make patient care as our top priority. Although the majority of our patients are extremely happy with their results and rarely have issues with their breast implants after surgery, there can be times when risk and complications are involved. By educating you on the signs of implant ruptures, we can ensure that you’re safe and aware of what could happen.

By booking a consultation with us, we’ll be able to discuss the pros and cons of your surgery and will be happy to discuss any questions that you have regarding your surgery.

Reasons Why More Men Are Considering Male Nose Surgery

Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic surgery is becoming a service that’s available for both women AND men. In today’s society, it’s clear that more male patients are opting for plastic surgery to help improve their appearance. In particular, male nose surgery has seen a rise in popularity as patients look to enhance their appearance.

Popularity In Male Nose Surgery For Patients

According to Statista, the number of patients that opted for a rhinoplasty procedure in the UK in 2019 amounted to 2,432, making it one of the most popular procedures for a patient to have. There can be several reasons why a patient may opt for a male nose surgery, be it for cosmetic purposes or medical. With society seeing plastic surgery as normality nowadays, it’s no surprise that more and more men are opting to improve their appearance through the procedure.

Benefits For Men Opting For Rhinoplasty

The purpose of a male nose surgery is to amend the facial aesthetics of your nose if it has any structural issues. For those considering the surgery, there can be many benefits that it can bring including:

Symmetry To Your Face

Your nose is part of the crucial factors that provide symmetry to the appearance of your face. No patient’s appearance is the same, therefore it can be customised to your needs and wants. You can still project a masculine appearance that looks powerful, whilst correcting some deficiencies in the face.

Amend Or Remove Unwanted Facial Features

Our facial features are inherited from our parents and sometimes they can be unwanted. Some of these traits are much preferred to be altered by men as they don’t feel masculine with their appearance. A male nose surgery can make changes to features such as a bulbous tip, a bump on your bridge or even wide nostrils.

Defects In Structural Appearance

A common reason why men opt for plastic surgery on their nose is due to lasting traumas and injuries to their nose. A rhinoplasty can help to fix any defects in the nose whilst also providing an increased appearance to the nose.

Improve Breathing

Repairing a deviated septum isn’t classed as a cosmetic procedure, but it can provide increased health benefits in improving breathing. If you have trouble sleeping or regularly struggle to breathe during physical activity, repairing a deviated septum can be combined with changing the cosmetic aspect of your nose.

There are many patients in the local Manchester area that look for local cosmetic procedures to help improve their appearance, including male nose surgery. The team at Gary Ross are aware that male patients have different preferences to their female counterparts when it comes to plastic surgery. They have plenty of expertise and qualifications that can cater to your needs. Contact us today to book a consultation where we can review your needs and see what the best options are for you.