3 Possible Benefits From Getting Your Ears Pinned Back

Cosmetic ear surgery is more technically known as Otoplasty surgery and involves reshaping ears for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Whilst some of the procedures can involve adjusting the cartilage around the ears or correcting large and stretched earlobes, you can also consider it for getting your ears ‘pinned’ back.

You may consider getting your ears pinned back if you feel they stick out naturally further away from your head, whether it be one or both ears. The procedure itself will help to reshape or ‘pin back’ the ears to provide a better appearance. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the ears are physically pinned back, but the cartilage is changed to bring the ears closer to the head.

If you’re thinking of getting Otoplasty surgery, it may be benefit you in the following ways:

Disproportionate ears

If one of your ears are shaped or sized differently, you may benefit from Otoplasty surgery. If this is the case, you may only need surgery for one ear. You can discuss this during your consultation with your plastic surgery where you’ll be able to go over before and after photos of previous patients.

Protruding ears making you feel uncomfortable

Have you ever felt conscious about the appearance of your ears and they’re sticking too far away from your head? If so, you could benefit from getting your ears pinned back. Protruding ears can be subject to ridicule but it can help to raise your confidence if they’re pushed back. You should only consider doing this for yourself though and never because of how someone else portrays your appearance.

For children with protruding ears

Children over 5 can be applicable for the procedure. This is because by this age, their cartilage is stable enough for surgical correction. It also means that the ears would be fully grown and shouldn’t need any further surgery in the future.

As long as the child is emotionally ready and they are aware of what the results are, otoplasty can be an option for them. By opting for an Otoplasty procedure for a child, it can be great for their confidence and prevent potential teasing from other children.

Otoplasty at Gary L Ross

If you have any further questions about Otoplasty, you can contact us today to book a consultation where we can answer them. This will help us to determine whether you’re a good candidate for the surgery. Be sure to also visit our case studies page to see before and after pictures from our previous patients.

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