Three popular procedures using fat transfer surgery

The surprising procedures using fat transfer surgery available now

The popularity of fat transfer surgery has continued to rise, with more men and women then ever seeking information about this type of procedure. It’s actually incredibly versatile and can offer multiple benefits to patients of all ages.

Below you’ll find 3 procedures using fat transfer that we have seen an increase in, specifically from female patients.

Breast rejuvenation

Recently it was revealed that there has been some link between some silicone breast implants and cancer.  As such, we have seen a rise in women seeking other types of breast rejuvenation procedures.

Fat transfer can be a useful tool in providing breast volume. Rather than using synthetic implants the body’s own fat is used to increase volume in one or both breasts.

As well as boosting volume, breast rejuvenation treatments using fat can help to kick start collagen renewal and improve the quality of the tissue and skin around the area.

Buttock augmentation

Fat transfer for buttock augmentation isn’t a particularly new procedure, but it is one that’s increasing in popularity year on year. During this procedure fat is taken from an area such as the abdomen and replaced in the buttocks to create volume.

This procedure is popular with women looking to boost their curves and create natural looking volume. A large part of it’s popularity has comes from social media and celebrity culture.

This procedure is not suitable for everyone and a full consultation is needed in order to ascertain suitability.

Facial rejuvenation

Another novel way to use the body’s own fat is via facial rejuvenation. There are multiple ways to use fat to improve the signs of ageing in the face.

For the upper face, fat transfer can improve the appearance of the skin and provide volume. For the mid face it’s great for cheek augmentation.

Some patients choose to combine fat transfer treatments with non surgical facial rejuvenation treatments for a total aesthetic makeover. There’s more information on these types of treatments in terms of anti ageing via the treatment pages.

Gary Ross on fat transfer treatments

“This is a useful tool for patients looking to improve volume to the face and body. We have lots of information on the treatment pages and our team is on hand if you wish to ask any questions or book a consultation.”

Ask for more information

Please contact us if you would like more information about fat transfer surgery. Our team can be contacted via email or telephone, and the blog has an array of useful and insightful posts if you wish to do some more research.

The treatment pages are also very helpful if you want to research a specific treatment using body-jet fat transfer. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey.

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