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In Combination: Mastopexy Implant

Breast uplift and breast augmentation are two very different procedures but, for some women, a combination of these two procedures is necessary to produce the best aesthetic outcome. Leading plastic surgeon Mr Gary Ross explains.

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Uplifting Surgery: Mastopexy

Leading plastic surgeon Mr Gary Ross explains the options available once gravity takes its toll.

Gravity is the enemy of us all and as well as causing the face to sag it can also have an effect on our breasts. The breasts age due to a combination of tissue changes in the skin, breast tissue, the ligaments within the breast and the position on the chest wall.

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On The Face Of It: Face lifts

Face lifts often get a bad press, but techniques have changed and these days, if you pick the right surgeon, it is possible to achieve a very natural looking result. In this article, Mr Gary Ross explains his approach to face and neck lifting.

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Breast reshaping following pregnancy

With the rise of the ‘mummy makeover’, post-pregnancy breast augmentations are becoming increasingly popular. Leading plastic surgeon Mr Gary Ross offers an insight into this procedure and how to make it work for you.

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