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Make Me Over

COSMETIC expert, Mr. Gary Ross, has recently been awarded ‘Best for Breast and Tummies’ in the 2015 Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide, and has

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How Can Cosmetic Patients Be Empowered To Make An Informed Choice?

Never before have clinicians been more highly regulated. Doctors in particular must set the standard against which others are to be judged. The production of clinical outcomes is an essential part of a doctors appraisal and revalidation and increasingly we need to provide these for patients (see link to my outcomes). Patients should be guided by these outcomes in choosing a surgeon.

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Treatment In Focus: Brachioplasty

Often excess skin or fat can be a problem for patients in the upper arms. It can lead to patients limiting the clothes they wear ; women especially find the aging changes related to the upper arm disturbing. The most common complaint is not feeling comfortable wearing short sleeves or not liking the appearance of the arm/chest junction in a bra. Providing an improved contour in the upper arms can rejuvenate the upper arm and provide an improvement to a patient’s quality of life.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month As part of breast cancer awareness month Mr Ross has published alongside the Genesis in Manchester looking at the role of contralateral mastectomy for breast cancer prevention. (link to publication list). Drawing awareness to the role of prevention and helping patients who have had a diagnosis of breast cancer or a potential risk of breast cancer and providing adequate information is an essential part of care. Only with accurate information will patients be empowered to make their own decisions.

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