Can I Do Any Heavy Lifting After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

One of the common questions patients tend to ask before surgery is whether they can perform any heavy lifting after a breast augmentation, including lifting their children. This can be particularly common for mothers who are worried about how they’d be able to look after their children following the surgery.

What Is Considered heavy Lifting After An Augmentation 

It’s strongly advised that at least for the first week after surgery, you will require help at home to manoeuvre and look after your children. There are ways you can limit the impact of heavy lifting after a breast augmentation whilst at home and this can include instances where the children come onto your lap before you choose to lift them up and put them down or you’re lifting them with good posture which is reasonable and doesn’t put strain on the chest area. 

Limit Heavy Lifting After a Breast Augmentation 

However, it’s still important to limit the amount of lifting that you do and what you can and can’t lift will depend on what you’re lifting and how you’re lifting it. By 6 weeks you should be relatively safe to lift as normal but the 1-2 week period can be crucial. Heavy lifting after breast augmentation can be supported better if you were to wear a support bra or garment, however, during this period in recovery.

Discuss Your Questions/ Concerns With Your Surgeon

As always, if you have any further questions about heavy lifting after a breast augmentation or anything else, it’s important to discuss any concerns and questions that you have during your consultation before the surgery takes place.

For More Details On Lifting After Breast Augmentations 

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