Gary Ross On Channel 5 ‘OMG’

Mr Ross was asked by Channel 5 to consult with a patient wishing to have buttock augmentation.  In this consultation that was performed live at the BMI Alexandra, without financial incentive, preparation or having previously met, Mr Ross explains the limitations of buttock augmentation to a patient wishing to have a procedure that would involve considerable risk.


Mr Ross has seen a rise in the number of consultations by patients wishing to obtain an unnatural look and a rise in patients with unrealistic expectations.

“It is always difficult to explain to a patient what the pros and cons and risks of a procedure are when patients only want to have an end result that they have set their heart on”

The popularisation of TV reality/drama shows in which cosmetic procedures are glamorised combined with the explosion of social media has led to a concerning growth in sensationalised plastic surgery. “Plastic Fantastic” and the false impression of the transformative powers of cosmetic surgery is a concern for patient safety.

“Popular Media has created a culture where cosmetic treatments are seen as common. Some patients wish to surpass this to stand out and be noticed, endangering themselves, and are unable to comprehend the complications and risks in either the short or long term. “

The cosmetic industry continues to grow. In order to protect patient’s interests, there has been an increased focus on regulation of the industry. Patients need to consult with surgeons that can provide all the information in an open, honest, transparent and non-judgemental fashion so that patients can be empowered to proceed or not.

“As a surgeon, being able to tell a patient that you will not provide the surgery they wish for and that their expectations are unrealistic is incredibly difficult. One does not wish to deflate patients who have an inherent vulnerability but at the same time provide them with enough information that they can make an informed decision”

Sadly there are unscrupulous surgeons that will offer patients surgery regardless of risk.

The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS), the General Medical Council, The Nuffield Council on Bioethics, the major providers of cosmetic surgery, and professional bodies representing surgeons in the cosmetic sector have all acknowledged the need for improved cosmetic surgery safety to protect vulnerable patients.

The RCS certification scheme now allows patient’s access to those surgeons that have met the professional standards of the RCS. Mr Ross was the first cosmetic surgeon to be certified by the RCS in cosmetic surgery in June 2017.

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