How to Tell If You Need a Thigh Lift

When is a thigh lift a suitable cosmetic procedure?

Thigh lift surgery is designed to recontour the upper legs. More often than not, a thigh lift is chosen to improve the appearance of the inner thighs.

Otherwise known as a thigh reduction, this cosmetic surgery procedure is commonly sought by men and women that have lost substantial amounts of weight.

Alternatively, it may be used as part of a skin rejuvenation overhaul for a patient that dislikes their thighs as a result of ageing.

How can you tell if you need a thigh lift?

Suitability is determined during a consultation. The tell-tale signs patients usually present with include sagging skin and loose, crepey skin from the knee to the groin. The inside thigh is usually the most affected part of the leg, and cannot be altered with exercise, diet or skin tightening treatments.

What happens during thigh lift surgery?

An incision is made in the inner thigh area. Excess fat and skin are removed before the wound is closed. The aim of the surgery is to create a youthful looking contour and reshape the upper thigh.

Is there risk attached?

With all cosmetic surgery, there is some risk, including swelling, bruising, poor wound healing and issues as a result of anaesthetic. Scarring is a given, but most patients find the results are satisfactory and the scar is a fair trade for smoother thighs. The scar usually runs along the inner thigh and is placed to be as hidden as possible.

Where is thigh lift surgery performed?

Thigh reduction surgery always takes place in a hospital. Your plastic surgeon will advise you where the surgery will take place and who will be involved in the procedure. There is usually a small team helping.

Can thigh lifting be performed with other body contouring procedures?

Yes, it’s not uncommon for the thigh lift to be undertaken as part of a wider body rejuvenation surgery. Commonly it’s done as part of body lift surgery, where the torso and arms may also be reshaped surgically.

Are there non-surgical thigh reduction alternatives?

Yes, but these will not be suitable if you have large amounts of loose skin. Often patients try non-surgical alternatives before realising that surgery is the only long-term solution to unwanted sagging and loose skin.

Who to choose for thigh reduction procedures

There are multiple techniques plastic surgeons now use that allow them to customise thigh lift procedures to the bespoke needs of each individual patient. Your surgeon will work with you to create a personalised surgical plan that suits your unique needs and goals so you can enjoy more aesthetically pleasing legs.

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You can find out more information on thigh reduction surgery via the thigh lift treatment page. Email the clinic to book a consultation if you wish to discuss your individual needs. Our team of experts are happy to help you.

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