Surgery v non surgical cosmetic treatments

Can non surgical cosmetic treatments ever replace surgical procedures?

One of the most frequently asked questions aesthetic experts are asked is whether non surgical cosmetic treatments can ever replace surgical alternatives.

This is usually asked with regards to anti ageing facial rejuvenation treatments. It is common to combine non surgical cosmetic treatments with surgical procedures when it comes to facial rejuvenation.

In some cases non invasive cosmetic treatments including dermabrasion and dermal fillers are offered in combination with procedures including surgery.

This can be for multiple reasons, but it’s most commonly because skin needs resurfacing or smoothing as well as lifting. A facelift can lift sagging skin on the face but it can’t improve the appearance of skin around the eyes or mouth, for example.

What is the main difference between non surgical cosmetic treatments and anti ageing surgery?

Non surgical cosmetic treatments do not require invasive procedures or surgery. They are suitable for men and women who are looking to make subtle aesthetic changes, most commonly with regards to ageing of the face and neck.

Unlike cosmetic surgery procedures such as the facelift, neck lift or eye lift, non invasive skin rejuvenation treatments don’t permanently alter the structure of the face. Many also require ‘top up’ treatments to maintain the results.

Popular non invasive cosmetic treatments include dermal fillers, dermabrasion, skin peels, muscle relaxing injections and skin tightening. They all offer different results and last various lengths of time.

How to choose between surgical and non surgical treatments

This comes down to what you hope to achieve and the advice of your medical professional. For some patients non surgical cosmetic treatments may offer the desired outcome, but for more advanced cosmetic changes surgery may be required.

A consultation is the best way to find out what cosmetic procedures are suitable. You can book a consultation here if you wish to ask any questions about specific aesthetic treatments and procedures.

Motivations for undergoing cosmetic procedures

One of the most important parts of a patient’s journey is meeting with a plastic surgeon and discussing the procedure they are considering.

At this meeting, one of the surgeon’s priorities will be to make sure the patient not only understand what the cosmetic procedure entails, but also why the patient wants to undergo it.

A patient’s motivations for choosing cosmetic surgery should be clear, and they should always be to enhance their self-esteem. It might seem like a quick fix to some, but cosmetic surgery is a serious decision that should only be made for the individual.

It is the responsibility of the plastic surgeon to turn down any patient he/she believes may be seeking aesthetic enhancement to please someone else or imitate someone, such as a celebrity.

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