Response to news of breast implant and cancer link

Response to news of breast implant and cancer link

After a recent BBC investigation raised fears for UK women with breast implants, Mr Gary Ross has offered advice following the TV programme.

Mr Ross said the documentary had raised concerns about the use of textured breast implants, but pointed out that implants come with some degree of risk.

He says: “This programme comes after an investigation was launched in France back in 2011 regarding the links to rare forms of cancer associated with some implants.

“The programme reported French women were being advised to avoid so called textured implants, although the same warning has not being given to women here in England yet.

“The risk appears small but patients should be aware of ANY risk prior to undergoing breast enlargement surgery using silicone implants.

“The manufacturers of these implants, which have been used for over a decade, have said the implants are supported by studies and testing, but the regulatory system needs improving.

“It’s hard to know the long term risks of newer implants as they can take many years to develop. A register for breast implants was set up in 2016 but at the moment it’s still voluntary.

The programme included a first hand account of Breast Implant Associated Lymphoma – a cancer of the immune system.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority

had received 57 reports of ALCL in patients with breast implants, 45 of which meet specific diagnostic criteria, as of September 2018.
That puts the estimated risk of BIA-ALCL at about one per 24,000 implants.

Gary concludes: “Women looking for increased breast volume without implants can consider alternatives such as fat transfer, where fat is taken from another area of the body and injected into the upper breasts to create shape and volume.”

If you have concerns or wish to ask questions about this please contact us on email or call 0161 401 4037.

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