How to Prepare for Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Make sure you’re ready for eyebrow lift surgery

An increasingly popular facial rejuvenation procedure is eyebrow lift surgery. Otherwise known as a brow lift, this procedure is designed to rejuvenate the area above the eyes.

As you age you may find that your brow has become droopy, resulting in a ‘moody’ looking expression left constantly on the face. A brow lift can address this issue and leave you with a youthful looking upper eye/brow area.

Unlike eyelid rejuvenation procedures such as upper blepharoplasty, the purpose of eyebrow lift surgery is to lift the brows. In turn, this gives a more youthful appearance to the upper face.

Why choose brow lift surgery?

Patients may choose to undergo eyebrow lift surgery as an anti ageing facial rejuvenation treatment. This procedure can help to open up the eye area and upper face, giving a softer and ‘happier’ appearance.

It is also sought by patients with naturally sagging or low brows. For that reason, the average age of patients undergoing a brow lift varies. This is a surgical procedure and, therefore, comes with the same risks as any invasive procedure.

What happens during this procedure?

The ‘open’ brow lift is the more traditional technique, where an incision is made at ear level going along or slightly behind your natural hairline.

The skin is lifted, some of the tissue underneath is removed and the muscles are tightened before removing excess skin and closing the incision.

You can find out more about eyebrow lift surgery itself on the treatment page.

Is there a non-surgical alternative?

If you wish to try a non-surgical brow lift, there are ways of transforming the brows with injectables like dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections. This cosmetic treatment is non-invasive.

‘Botox’ is a medical toxin that is strategically placed around the eyes, most commonly above the eyes, in order to lift the brow. A wider-eyed appearance is just one of the numerous benefits this kind of facial rejuvenation treatment can offer.

The other benefits of using Botox around the eyes can include improving droopy eyelids and lifting the eyes.

A consultation is recommended to ensure you understand the risks associated with surgery of this nature, as well as the rewards it offers, and you’ll have the chance to ask any questions you may have.

Brow lift cost

Brow lift cost differs from patient to patient. Each person will need a tailored procedure, and some require more technical work than others.

When it comes to brow lift cost, most patients agree the results make the cost worthwhile. You can find out more about eyebrow lift surgery and fees via the brow rejuvenation treatment page.

More information about eyebrow lift surgery

We welcome your questions and would be delighted to explain more about this facial rejuvenation procedure. Please email the team if you wish to ask a question, or alternatively, you can book a consultation with Mr Ross.

You can find out more information about brow lift surgery on the treatment pages.

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