Nose reshaping surgery sees a boost in enquiries

Nose reshaping surgery sees a boost in enquiries

Nose reshaping surgery on the rise because of latest addition to the Royal Family

According to a news article in Metro this month, nose reshaping surgery is seeing more and more enquiries as a result of Prince Harry’s fiancé, Megan Markle. So much so that one American cosmetic surgeon has said the actress’s nose is now the most popular cosmetic surgery request.

Plastic surgeon Dr Stephen Greenberg told the newspaper he’d seen a dramatic increase in the number of women asking for nose reshaping surgery to make them look more like Miss Markle. Claiming the trend started in spring this year as the relationship between the couple started becoming a regular feature in the news.

So popular is Meghan’s look, Dr Greenberg went as far as to say the soon-to-be-princess had even knocked the likes of Kim Kardashian of the top spot as the most popular cosmetic surgery request.

Megan has a refined nose structure – with a straight profile and a refined tip – so it’s easy to see why she’s a popular role model for women, especially in light of her being engaged to everyone’s favourite royal. But it’s important to remember, in spite of trends and celebrity culture, that cosmetic surgery should not be undertaken frivolously and only after thorough thought has been undertaken.

Choosing to undergo nose reshaping procedures must be considered and approach for the right reasons. It’s not recommended that a patient seeks rhinoplasty surgery to ‘look like’ another person; celebrity or not. All cosmetic procedures must be undertaken by a patient that understands the implications of surgery, and is only choosing surgery for themselves.

Rhinoplasty and nose reshaping procedures are designed to permanently alter the shape or size of the nose. Popular with both male and female patients of all ages, this type of facial cosmetic surgery is suitable for those with realistic expectations of a nose job.

Nose jobs can change the shape of the tip or the bridge or dorsum, as well as the nostrils and the angle between the upper lip and the nose. A patient may change one aspect of their nose or several; this is discussed during consultation.

A nose reshaping procedure can not only dramatically alter the appearance of the nose, but the face on the whole. There are several rhinoplasty surgery techniques; most fall under the open and closed nose reshaping techniques.

It’s vital a patient understands the limitations of nose reshaping surgery as well as the rewards. Of course, choosing to under cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery means you’ll see a change to the shape or structure of the nose, but you should be aware of risks and limitations too.

For example, what looks like a great nose on one woman may not suit another, and the best rhinoplasty expert will make sure you’re aware of this. One size does not fit all; be prepared to be offered different nose reshaping procedures.

More information about nose reshaping surgery

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