Mr Ross has become the first cosmetic surgeon to be certified through the Royal College of Surgeons

It is an honour to become the first cosmetic surgeon in the United Kingdom to certify in cosmetic surgery through the RCS. The certification process aims to provide a quality assurance for patients looking to undergo a cosmetic procedure. All surgeons should be encouraged to certify through the RCS and help to raise the professional standards.

What are the new Royal College of Surgeons Professional standards?

The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has also published its own set of professional standards, specifically for cosmetic surgery and has launched the new certification for cosmetic surgeons.

The key points of this guidance are:-

Surgeons performing cosmetic surgery should be certified in the area in which they practise.

The operating surgeon should lead the consultation with the patient to outline the risks of the procedure, likely outcome and to provide the information that will help them decide whether or not to undergo surgery. The operating surgeon must also obtain written consent from a patient themselves – and not delegate it to a colleague.

Patients should be offered a cooling off period of at least two weeks before they consent to an operation to give them time to reflect on a decision.

Surgeons must make sure they have appropriate indemnity insurance to cover the procedures they are undertaking.

Surgeons should refrain from using financial inducements such as time-limited offers and discounts.

Stephen Cannon, Vice President of the RCS and Chair of the Cosmetic Surgery Interspecialty Committee, said:

‘Our professional standards for cosmetic surgery, coupled with the GMC’s new guidance, will raise the bar and make absolutely clear what we expect of all surgeons working in the private sector.

‘The message to surgeons and doctors working in the cosmetic surgery industry is simple: if you are not working to the surgical standards we have set out today, you should not be treating patients at all. We will do everything in our powers to protect patients and to stop unscrupulous individuals from practising.

As part of the new certification scheme the RCS will enable patients to more easily search for a surgeon who has the necessary skills and experience to perform the procedure they are considering.

Cosmetic surgeons will certify in areas of specialism that are within their scope of practice.

Mr Ross has certified in the following areas:-

  1. Cosmetic breast surgery
  2. Cosmetic surgery of the face, nose, periorbital region & ears
  3. Cosmetic body contouring surgery
  4. Body contouring following massive weight loss

In certifying in these areas Mr Ross has demonstrated to the RCS his training, clinical / professional skills and experience meet the professional standards set by the RCS for a surgeon that performs cosmetic surgery.

See Mr Ross talking about the new RCS Professional standards

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What are the new Royal College of Surgeons Professional Standards?

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