Motivations for undergoing cosmetic surgery

What are your motivations for undergoing cosmetic surgery?

 Many patients book a consultation sure that they know which cosmetic procedure/s they want, as well as what they want to achieve.

One of the most important parts of a patient’s journey is meeting with a plastic surgeon and discussing the procedure they are considering.

At this meeting, one of the surgeon’s priorities will be to make sure the patient not only understand what the cosmetic procedure entails, but also why the patient wants to undergo it.

A patient’s motivations for choosing cosmetic surgery should be clear, and they should always be to enhance their self-esteem.

Are you choosing cosmetic surgery for the right reasons?

It might seem like a quick fix to some, but cosmetic surgery is a serious decision that should only be made for the individual. It is the responsibility of the plastic surgeon to turn down any patient he/she believes may be seeking aesthetic enhancement to please someone else or imitate someone, such as a celebrity.

It is not recommended that any man or woman undergoes cosmetic procedures for the benefit of any other person, and a plastic surgeon will likely refuse surgery if he/she believes the potential patient does not have the best motivations.

How realistic are your motivations for undergoing cosmetic surgery?

We often see patients that are seeking cosmetic procedures to ‘look like’ a celebrity; this is unrealistic and unlikely to yield the results they want. For example, Kate Middleton’s nose work for her facial dimensions but that doesn’t mean it will work on yours.

Be realistic about what you are hoping to achieve, and be prepared to potentially be told it’s not attainable or unrealistic.

When is the right time for aesthetic procedures to change the way you look?

This is entirely subjective and depends on a patient’s specific goals and circumstances. Most patients seek the advice of a plastic surgeon if they feel that cosmetic procedures could enhance their self-esteem and overall happiness.

If you’re seeking mummy makeover procedures – such as breast uplift, tummy tuck, or fat transfer – you may find the advice will be to wait until you’ve finished having children.

For others, the decision to undergo surgical procedures to change certain areas of the body or face may be down to age or weight loss. The key is to seek the advice of a plastic surgeon that respects your individual needs and understands your motivations for undergoing anti ageing or body rejuvenation procedures.

Ask yourself these five questions

  1. Why do I want to undergo this procedure?
  2. What do I think I will gain from undergoing this procedure?
  3. Who am I doing this for?
  4. Do I understand the limitations as well as the rewards of cosmetic surgery?
  5. Will I be able to cope if the results are not as I’d hoped?

Getting more information

If you are interested in learning more about a specific cosmetic surgery procedure, such as breast enlargement, tummy tuck surgery, or fat transfer, please contact the team who will be able to provide you with more information.

A consultation is the only way to determine whether or not a specific type of treatment is suitable for you – book one here.



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