Mother-of-two splashed out £13K on a ‘mummy makeover’

Mother-of-two splashed out £13K on a ‘mummy makeover’ including a tummy tuck and boob job to boost her confidence after crippling back pain left her barely able to walk

  • Jamie Louise Fitton, 33, from Manchester paid £13,000 for a ‘mummy makeover’ 
  • She was left with chronic back pain after the birth of her second son 
  • Mother-of-two could barely walk and turned to exercise to beat pain 
  • When she was left with loose skin she decided to go under the knife  

A mother-of-two has revealed how splashing out £13K on surgery renewed her confidence after battling chronic back pain that rendered her barely able to walk and being left with saggy skin after weight loss.

Jamie Louise Fitton, 33, from Manchester decided to undergo a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation at the same, a procedure known as the ‘Mummy makeover’, as its popular with mothers looking to revamp their post-baby bodies.

With the help of her plastic surgeon Dr Gary Ross, Jamie regained her strength and now runs marathons and ‘couldn’t be happier’ with her new glamorous look.

‘I am stronger than ever and I ran a half a marathon in October and a 10K in November. But the absolute most important thing is how I feel about me, she said’

Jamie enlisted the help of plastic surgeon Dr Gary Ross, an expert in ‘mummy makeovers’ at the BMI Alexandra Hospital in Cheshire.

‘Gary informed me of what the surgery would entail, the recovery and if it would help my back at all,’ she recalled.

‘He made no promises about my back but explained all the muscles that had been cut and damaged during my pregnancies and surgeries would be tightened so in turn this should all help my wider recovery.’

Now healthy and happy, Jamie feels like she can live again.

‘It’s around 24 weeks post op and I couldn’t be happier with my results,’ she said. ‘

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