Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery Made Simple

Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery Made Simple

Abdominoplasty procedures are becoming increasingly more sought after, thanks partly to the rise of the mummy makeover, but it’s the mini tummy tuck that patients are contacting the clinic most about this month.

What is a mini tummy tuck?

Unlike a full abdominoplasty, or the fleur de lis abdominoplasty, which also tackles the flanks, the mini tummy tuck is designed to help patients seeking to rejuvenate the lower part of the abdomen. The mini tummy tuck helps patients who have less skin to remove, making it more suitable for women following childbirth or patients that may have had previous abdominal surgery.

A mini tuck does not remove a large amount of skin. For that reason it can only achieve subtle results and has a negligible impact on concerns such as stretch marks which the full tummy tuck procedure can address.

It’s important to remember that if loose skin at and above the belly button is present, a full tummy tuck or fleur de lis is likely to be needed. A consultation is required to ensure this form of body rejuvenation is both suitable and safe for the patient to undergo. A full examination is required to ascertain the main issues and how best they can be treated.

How does the procedure work?

During a smaller tummy tuck procedure, skin and excess fat will be removed from the lower part of the abdomen. This procedure usually takes between 60 to 90 minutes. An incision is made just above the pubic region, and as part of this cosmetic procedure, the skin is carefully separated from the underlying tissue. In some cases the plastic surgeon can tighten the abdominal wall too.

Will I have a big scar?

The extent of the incision varies from patient to patient, although it’s important to consider that more tissue can be removed if the incision is longer. Of course, this does however result is a larger scar, so it’s important to discuss and consider your options prior to undergoing mini tummy tuck surgery.

Generally, in mini tummy tuck surgery, the skin is then stretched down and any excess skin is removed. The tummy button does not need relocating, unlike during the full abdominoplasty or fleur de lis variation. The incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches and the skin is repositioned.

How long does recovery take?

It is unusual to require drains although a compressive dressing is usually needed. The good news is that recovery from mini tummy tuck surgery is usually faster than from a full tummy tuck, because it often involves a small incision and less time in surgery.

To book a consultation to discuss your body rejuvenation surgery needed please email the team to arrange an appointment with Mr Gary Ross to talk through your tummy tuck options.


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