More men choosing body rejuvenation surgery

More men choosing body rejuvenation surgery

Men are seeking body rejuvenation surgery to reduce ‘dad bod’ appearance

According to a new article via Mail Online, more men than ever are choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures in order to look and feel more confident.

The report focuses on Australian men but fits with the UK trends as we’ve seen them develop over the last 6-12 months for male patients undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures to reduce fat and appear more ‘lean’.

Medical director Dr. Jayson Oates told the online publication he has noticed a rise in men seeking surgical treatments, with particular interest in core sculpting. Typically body rejuvenation contouring procedures for this area of the body – known as the mid section – include fat reduction or fat transfer and liposuction, as well as non-surgical options such as radiofrequency body sculpting.

This news from across the world seems to be indicative of trends across the UK for men seeking cosmetic intervention too, with nearly three-quarters of males agreeing it’s now acceptable to undergo anti-ageing treatments, as reported by the Daily Telegraph recently.

Mr Ross said: “The news does not surprise me personally, as the demand generally for fat reduction, fat removal and fat transfer treatments have all increased over the last 18 months. I see male and female patients seeking to re-contour their body with cosmetic procedures, and there’s now much less stigma attached to men undergoing body contouring procedures.”

Popular with adults of various ages, body contouring procedures are be used to reshape specific areas of the body; these include fat transfer procedures where fat is taken from one area of the body and reintroduced to another area that requires sculpting or reshaping.

There are multiple reasons for this increase in enquiries, most notably the rise in male celebrity. With popular actors such as Chris Hemsworth, Jason Mamowa and Dwayne Johnson showcasing toned physiques in films, men are becoming more aware of ‘ideals’ and are more keen to ‘look good’ than ever before.

There is arguably a pressure for men to look ‘in shape’ that we’ve not seen so prevalently before, and for those that are not naturally lean, or haven’t always looked after themselves, the gym and diet changes alone may not be enough. This is where cosmetic procedures such as fat reduction and body contouring surgery can be undertaken.

Fat transfer is set to be an increasingly popular form of body rejuvenation surgery for 2018, and with improved techniques and equipment plastic surgeons are able to offer impressive results. There are risks attached to fat removal and fat transfer – as with all forms of cosmetic surgery – although most patients find the results are pleasing.

Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, and it should not be undertaken lightly. Fat transfer cannot guarantee perfect results, and it’s vital patients (male or female) seriously consider the implications as well as the rewards of undergoing this type of body rejuvenation surgery.

Do you research, make the best choices for you, and only undergo cosmetic surgery if you feel it will improve your wellbeing and self confidence; it’s not for anyone else but you.
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