How Long Should I Expect Boob Job Recovery to Take?

Understanding the boob job recovery process

For breast augmentation patients one of the most frequently asked questions is how long boob job recovery should take.

Depending on the type of breast surgery undertaken, the recovery time varies, but how you look after yourself in the weeks and months that follow can determine your overall recovery.

Of course, every patient is different and the cosmetic breast enhancement process will not be the same for everyone. But generally speaking there are some ways you can ensure your boob job recovery is safe and comfortable.

Pre-arrange your return home before surgery

Once you’re discharged you will need someone to take you home. You will not be able to drive yourself, and it’s recommended a family member or friend comes to collect you. You should pre-arrange this before your breast surgery takes place.

Make your life easier

Recovering from a boob job can be uncomfortable, especially in the first week, so take steps to ensure your life at home is made easier. Wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothes is advised, preferably clothes that don’t need to be pulled over your head.

You’ll need to avoid sleeping on your front, so ensure your bed has the structure and pillows you need to lie on your back comfortably.

Be mindful when washing

When showering post operatively, be mindful of your stitches and try to avoid touching the breasts. Ideally the dressings should be kept dry for the first week, and so showering the lower body only is the best advice.

Recovering from surgery takes time

One thing to remember is that recovering from cosmetic surgery, or indeed any invasive procedure, takes time and you must allow your body to heal.

Most patients seeking breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast uplift procedures are busy women, but it’s vital you take some time away from your schedule to recover.

For boob job recovery to be successful it’s suggested you take around two weeks off work. You should also avoid exercise that may cause trauma to the area of surgery.

Follow your surgeon’s guidance

After your breast surgery your plastic surgeon will give you some advice to ensure your boob job recovery is as comfortable as possible. You also want to make sure your new breasts are healing well, so following the post-operative guidance is encouraged.

Most women will be given a post-surgery bra to wear. This is designed to support your breasts and protect them as you begin the healing process. Follow the advice you’re given with regards to wearing this supportive garment.

Don’t miss your follow up appointments

In the weeks and months following cosmetic breast surgery you’ll be asked to return to see your plastic surgeon for check ups. These are important, and allow you to understand how your boob job recovery is going.

Ask for more information

They are just six ways you can ensure your boob job recovery goes to plan. Trust your surgeon and remember that in order to see the true results of your breast surgery you must let the body heal.

Ask the advice of your plastic surgeon and remember to take great care of yourself during the healing process, which can take many months. If you need further post-operative advice please contact the clinic directly on 0161 4014064.

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