Knee liposuction is the latest upcoming aesthetic trend

Improve the appearance of your legs with knee liposuction

We see cosmetic surgery trends come and go, but the rise of knee liposuction looks set to stay. It was reported as being an increasingly popular procedure in the America, and that seems to now be the case here in the UK.

Designed to remove pockets of stubborn fat, liposuction is a popular form of body contouring procedure. It has been widely offered in clinics across the country for decades, although techniques have been refined and results have improved.

As well as larger areas, such as the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, fat removal procedures like liposuction can also be used for smaller pockets of fat. Knee liposuction is a prime example of this.

Who is knee liposuction suitable for?

Knee liposuction is suitable for male or female patients that wish to alter the aesthetic of their knees, or overall appearance of the legs. It’s classed as a body contouring procedure, and involves removing fat to change the contours of the knee area. Suitability for this kind of knee rejuvenation surgery can be ascertained during a consultation.

What is the procedure like?

This depends on the clinic you visit, and which form of fat removal you decide to undergo. Mr Gary Ross often uses Body-jet to remove fat, especially from smaller areas. This type of body contouring is water-assisted, making it more gentle than traditional liposuction methods. Being less invasive than lipo, as most of us know it, the treatment times are faster and the procedure often causes less bruising.

What is the recovery like?

As knee liposuction with Body-jet is more gentle it causes less trauma to the tissues surrounding the treatment area. Whilst there is always going to be some bruising and possible swelling, in many cases patients find the recovery speedy.

Would I need follow up treatment?

Most patients are satisfied with the results of their knee liposuction, and do not require further procedures. The fat should not return if a healthy diet is maintained. Every case is unique and each patient will have a different experience.

Can this procedure be combined with others?

It’s quite common for patients to request multiple procedures; this saves recovery time in the long run. Procedures such as fat removal and fat transfer are often combined with body contouring treatments such as thigh contouring.

Can this type of fat removal be used in other smaller areas?

Yes, this is a popular method of fat removal for smaller areas of the body, as well as the face. It is a surgical procedure, so you will need to seek the advice of an expert in liposuction.

Booking a consultation

A consultation provides an excellent opportunity for you to talk to an expert about body contouring procedures. If you would like to discuss your concerns with Mr Gary Ross, or you would like further information about cosmetic procedures such as knee liposuction, contact the team or book a consultation.

More information

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