How to Avoid Infection After Cosmetic Surgery

Avoiding Infection After Surgery With These Simple Steps

Undergoing any kind of surgery comes with risk attached. The risks associated with cosmetic surgery are no different. To avoid infection after surgery there is some simple advice to follow.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, knowing the risks and complications is just as important as knowing what the surgery involves. It’s part of the decision-making process and should be considered thoroughly prior to undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Whether you’ve undergone a facelift or fat removal, Mr Ross gives every patient some simple instructions and tips to follow to avoid infection after surgery.

Below you will find some easy to follow suggestions.

Stop Smoking

You will be advised before undergoing any form of cosmetic surgery to stop smoking. This is even more important when it comes to avoiding infection after surgery.

The habit is not only bad for your overall health but it also slows down recovery and can affect wound healing. Smoking should be avoided before and after your cosmetic procedure if you want to remain in good health.

Wash Your Hands

This should go without saying, but the most important thing to do regularly is to wash your hands. To avoid infection after surgery you need to keep your hands sanitised.

Of course, this means after using the toilet, but it’s a good idea to wash your hands regularly throughout the day. This can include before and after preparing food.

Take Your Medication as Prescribed

You may have been given some antibiotics or medication after leaving the hospital. It’s important to take these to avoid infection after surgery.

Taking your medication will help to keep any infection at bay, and helps the body heal and recover safely.

Keep Your Wound Clean and Dry

You’ll be given specific instructions on how to care for your wound post surgery. This will differ depending on the procedure you underwent. A rhinoplasty will have different recovery advice compared to a mummy makeover, for example.

Having said that, in most cases it’s advised patients keep their wounds clean and dry for the first week. This is designed to help you avoid unwanted infections.

Wash your Hands Before and After Doing any Wound Care

You’ll be given instructions on how to look after your wound effectively before leaving the hospital. Keeping your hands clean before completing any of your wound care is important.

Equally, make sure you wash your hands after cleaning any wounds is also vital. You can read more about effective wound care in this blog post.

Use an Antibacterial Hand Cleanser

It’s good practice to keep antibacterial hand sanitiser on your person when you leave the house in the weeks after a procedure. It’s a reliable way to avoid infection after surgery.

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