Gary Ross talks to BBC 5 Live about buttock augmentation

The pros and cons of undergoing buttock augmentation

This week Mr Gary Ross featured on BBC 5 Live discussing buttock augmentation.

The interview, recorded live on the popular breakfast show, highlighted the pros and cons of undergoing procedures, including the Brazilian Bumlift.

The topic hit headlines again recently with reports of a US doctor fraudulently undertaking ‘bum lift’ procedures. Known as Dr Bum Bum, the disgraced expert is currently being taken to court for treating patients irresponsibly. The court case continues in America.

Why choose buttock augmentation?

The procedure comes in several forms, but the goal is to change the shape or size of the buttocks. This is usually involves one or more augmentation or enhancement methods.

The subject of buttock augmentation continues to be a contentious one. While there are many patients who benefit physically and mentally from undergoing this type of cosmetic surgery, there are many points to consider prior to the procedure.

You can find out more about this type of body contouring surgery, including suitability, via the treatment pages. A full consultation is needed before any treatment can take place.

Mr Ross on Radio 5 Live

Discussing the cosmetic surgery phenomenon with presenter Nicky Campbell Mr Ross explained why this type of procedure continues to be popular.

“Social media and the ‘Kardashian effect’ are definitely part of the reason for buttock augmentation’s continuing popularity. It’s most popular with women who want to enhance the shape of the buttocks.”

The interview included discussion on body dysmophia, as well as the importance of undergoing the procedure safely. Mr Ross explained the pros and cons of the procedure, and why seeking expert advice is paramount to the long term health and satisfaction of patients.

“We use the buttocks every day, so it’s important this type of surgery is performed with care,” Gary concluded.

Buttock augmentation options

There are different techniques when it comes to changing the appearance of the buttocks. Some patients want a bigger bottom, whereas others want to lift the buttocks. Depending on what you wish to achieve the technique used may vary.

Fat transfer procedures, such as those using Body-jet, take fat from one area of the body and replace it in the buttocks to improve shape or volume. Liposuction, on the other hand simply removes fat from the buttocks.

Some patients choose to have buttock implants, although this is less common in the UK now with the rise of fat transfer and less aggressive methods.

More information

Mr Ross invites you to book a consultation if you would like to discuss body contouring surgery, including fat transfer and butt lifting surgery.

You can listen to the full BBC 5 Live interview here.

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