Four types of body reshaping surgery for women

Top treatments chosen for body reshaping surgery

Recently in the media there has been a rise in stories surrounding body reshaping surgery and the mummy makeover procedures. This in turn has created a surge in women seeking the expertise of plastic surgeons with regards to cosmetic surgery choices available.

Of course, body rejuvenation surgery for women is nothing new, and there have been variations of many popular procedures for decades. Although with improved techniques being developed and better results being reported, cosmetic surgery procedures designed to improve the appearance of the body are at an all time high.

Body reshaping explained

Body reshaping itself is a broad term used to describe a wide selection of surgical procedures that can help women feel more confident in their bodies after pregnancy and/or substantial weight loss.

These can include, but are not limited to, some form of tummy tuck surgery, breast rejuvenation surgery, arm reduction, and fat transfer surgery; below you’ll find further information about each.

– Tummy tuck surgery

One of the most popular types of body reshaping surgery available in the UK, an abdominoplasty can take various forms although the main objective is to improve the appearance of the mid section, specifically the belly region.

There are several popular forms of tummy tuck surgery sought by women, most notably the mini, full or traditional, and fleur de lis tummy tuck.

Each is designed to remove fat and tighten loose skin but offer patients different results; this makes tummy tuck surgery on the whole versatile.

It can be completed as a stand alone for of body contouring surgery or as part of a wider treatment plan. A good example of this is the mummy makeover, which also includes some form of breast rejuvenation surgery.

– Breast rejuvenation surgery

Women often seek surgery to improve the shape or size of the breasts, but for many it’s the position of the breasts that is the concern.

Pregnancy, breast feeding and weight loss can have a detrimental effect, but breast rejuvenation surgery can be offered to improve lost volume and the position of the breasts.

As part of the mummy makeover surgery offered, women can (in appropriate cases) choose to undergo fat transfer surgery alongside a breast uplift to provide volume to the upper breast at the same time.

– Arm reduction

Brachioplasty is also known as arm contouring or arm reduction. The purpose of the surgery is to reduce the skin and/or fat on the upper arms, which can in turn remove bingo wings.

It’s often related to weight loss or ageing, but many women choose this reshaping procedure to get a smoother silhouette.

– Fat transfer surgery

One form of body reshaping surgery we expect to see continue to gather popularity is fat transfer. It’s a versatile procedure that allows the patient to move fat from one part of the body to another.

For women, this can be as part of breast rejuvenation surgery, where fat can be placed in the upper breast to replace volume lost as a result of breast feeding or pregnancy.

Choosing body rejuvenation surgery

In some cases all of the body contouring surgery procedures above may be combined to form the most suitable treatment plan. Fat transfer surgery, breast rejuvenation, arm reduction surgery and tummy tuck surgery are all invasive procedures and require careful consideration before committing.

Trusting your consultation and subsequent care with an expert is the best way to discover whether this form of body rejuvenation surgery is suitable for your specific needs and aesthetic goals. Contact us for more information or to book a consultation.


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