Experts see rise in women wanting to correct botched surgery

Mr Ross has noticed a surge in patients seeking to correct botched surgery

According to Mr Ross, more women than ever are seeking to correct botched surgery after undergoing botched procedures like boob jobs.

Mr Ross says he’s seen a rise in the number of women asking for corrective treatments and surgery after undergoing unsatisfactory treatment elsewhere.

With skin rejuvenation deals on voucher sites such as Groupon, and cheaper surgical options abroad being packaged as holidays by unscrupulous doctors, he says he’s disappointed by this new trend which sees women left out of pocket and unhappy with their looks.

The leading cosmetic surgeon says a combination of unrealistic expectations and cut price surgery – both here and abroad – are to blame for the surge, as well as celebrities promoting treatments in the media.

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Gary explains: “It was recently revealed that over 50% of women and 39% of men aged 18 to 34 would consider a cosmetic procedure, which can easily be attributed to the obsession with celebrity culture and social media apps.

“With so many celebrities endorsing products and treatments (often in return for cash) it sends younger patients flocking to cosmetic clinics looking to replicate their idols.

“Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous doctors and surgeons out there providing substandard or unnecessary treatments and procedures. They take advantage of people, and it’s causing complaints of botched results on a level we’ve not seen before.

“Groupon style voucher deals and cosmetic surgery tourism are also to blame for the rise in botched results and patients therefore seeking treatment to fix them.

“Another issue is selfies and how they have changed the way patients perceive their appearance. It was recently proven that selfies distort the proportions on the face; the most notable difference came to noses, which in some cases appeared up to 30 per cent larger than in reality.

“This is an alarming piece of research which not only details that the selfie obsession is booming, but that it’s genuinely affecting the way patients view their appearance. Unnecessary surgery often leads to unsatisfactory results.”

So how do you pick a reputable medical professional?

“Undergoing cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatments aren’t something that should be undertaken lightly. It can be a daunting experience, and many considerations need to be made beforehand. The most important decision you will make is your plastic surgeon.
“Choosing the surgeon who will perform your surgery, as well as accompany you on your journey post operatively, cannot be rushed or underestimated.
“As well as be a highly skilled expert, a good plastic surgeon should listen to your concerns, offer constructive advice, act profession at all times, and manage expectations. It’s important when choosing surgeon that you do your research.
“Find out what their background is, what they specialise in, and how often they perform your chosen procedure. This is all helpful in allowing you to make an informed decision. Do your research and don’t be led by celebrities or cheap deals,” he concludes.

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