Could facial fat transfer treatments replace dermal fillers?

Dermal filler treatments could be replaced by facial fat transfer treatments

There’s no doubt that dermal filler treatments are one of the most popular non surgical anti ageing treatments in the UK now, but recently it’s been suggested that fat transfer treatments could replace them.

According to the Global Facial Fat Transfer Market Research Report, this form of facial rejuvenation and body contouring treatment is growing rapidly. This in large part seems to be due to the increasing demand for facial fat transfer treatments within cosmetic clinics, and improvements to the technology in the facial rejuvenation industry.

Dermal fillers have been used as part of facial anti ageing treatments for some time now, and when used with skill and care can have remarkable short-term results. Popular for lip volumisation, facial contouring and even non surgical nose reshaping treatments, synthetic fillers are frequently requested but often less regulated than surgical procedures also designed to restore facial volume.

Anti ageing treatments have come a long way since Botox was introduced to the cosmetic landscape way back in 2002, but one lesser-discussed option is fat transfer treatment. Used for body contouring as well as facial volumisation, autologous fat transfer is the removal of a person’s fat from one area and transferring it to another area.

Unlike dermal fillers which are non surgical and take just half an hour, autologous fat transfer is classed as a surgical procedure. A cannula is used to extract the person’s fat before it’s reinjected to the area of concern. It’s important to note only ones own fat is suitable for use in this procedure.

One of the benefits to choosing fat transfer over dermal fillers is that it doesn’t use any artificial materials or products. Some patients prefer the idea of using fat – a natural product – rather than silicone implants or synthetic dermal fillers.

Because the fat used is natural and procured from the patient’s own body, they are less likely to experience side effects (many of which are common with dermal fillers and injectables) such as infection or rejection.

Unlike dermal filler treatment for facial revolumising, which often require bi-annual repeat treatments, fat transfer for the face can offer longer term anti ageing results. It’s excellent as a stand-alone treatment but also in combination with other procedures, such as facelift surgery.

Booking a consultation for facial fat transfer

The transferring of fat for volumisation or contouring purposes is effective but not suitable for everyone. It’s important you seek the skills of an expert in fat transfer before decided to comit to treatment. Results are usually pleasing to the patient but cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the treatment e.g. in some cases the fat may not take.

If you wish to discuss the benefits of facial fat transfer procedures, or the difference between fillers and other forms of facial rejuvenation book a consultation. This provides an excellent opportunity for prospective patients to learn more about both surgical and non surgical anti ageing treatments that may be suitable.

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