Why cosmetic surgery should never be given as a prize

Trivialising cosmetic surgery only leads to issues later on

It’s been reported recently that an organisation in America chose to give away cosmetic surgery procedures as prizes during an event. This is troubling on both an ethical level as well as a safety level, with little by way of patient care seemingly being considered.

As part of the prize, the winner would be entitled to a procedure of their choice providing it was up to a certain amount. The man who claimed one prize later ‘gifted it’ to his wife, who will be the one to undergo plastic surgery. This is not recommended nor is it something we would recommend.

Don’t trivialise cosmetic surgery procedures

There are multiple issues with this. Most notably it trivialises cosmetic surgery on a large scale. The decision to undergo procedures should not made lightly; it most certainly shouldn’t be made simply because it’s effectively free.

In the same way voucher sites such as Groupon and the like encourage and lure patients into undergoing (often unnecessary or sparsely considered) treatments giving cosmetic treatments or procedures away as a reward or a prize is simply dangerous.

Consider what would happen if the patient underwent a procedure they didn’t need or even really want. Even worse, imagine the uproar and upset for the patient and family if the procedure didn’t have the desired outcome?

We’ve seen these kinds of headlines time and time again, but still they pop up from time to time; granted more likely in the US than UK. From a plastic surgeon’s perspective it’s most definitely unethical, but it also trivialises the whole idea of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

To clarify, a patient should only ever undergo cosmetic surgery if:

  • It’s their choice: what are the motivations for surgery?
  • They are doing it for themselves; you should never have surgery of this kind for another person, or to impress anyone
  • They are suitable for the procedure; if you don’t need a rhinoplasty a reputable plastic surgeon will not give you one
  • They understand the risks as well as the rewards of their chosen procedure
  • They understand they may not like the results; expectation must be managed
  • They understand the recovery process involved in the specific procedure or treatment they’re considering

If you would like more information about any cosmetic procedure the best starting point is to book a consultation. Do your research and pick a reliable and regulated plastic surgeon who will only offer you surgery if you need it and when you are ready.

Make an informed decision

Call or email the clinic if you wish to discuss any treatment in more detail. You can also you the treatment pages and testimonials on the site to help your research.

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