Correcting lopsided breasts with breast surgery

Tired of uneven boobs or lopsided breasts? These are your treatment options

For women with lopsided breasts life can be a challenge. Having different breast sizes or one breast bigger than the other can, in some cases, be detrimental to one’s self esteem.

Is it common to have lopsided breasts?

It is thought that up to 45 per cent of women have one breast that is at least a cup size different to the other. We call this breast asymmetry. It is not dangerous or painful, but it can be upsetting.

It’s worth noting that breast size can fluctuate, especially during the menstrual cycle, so when we talk about breast asymmetry we mean long term physical disproportion.

Why do some women have lopsided breasts?

All women have some degree of breast unevenness. There are several reasons why a woman may have lopsided breasts, different breast sizes or one breast bigger than the other.

Some women find that once they’ve finished puberty their breasts are uneven; some find their breasts change during pregnancy and after breast feeding don’t return to their original shape or size.

Breasts can also become lopsided or uneven after breast augmentation surgery. No breast surgery will make boobs appear completely symmetrical – this is almost impossible. Having said the results can be remarkable and life changing.

What counts as having lopsided breasts?

While most women have one breast bigger than the other, in most cases this difference is negligible. It often goes unnoticed or isn’t something that bothers the person. For others, however, the size difference can be traumatic, leaving the person with low self esteem and body hang-ups.

It’s understandable, but can be rectified with cosmetic breast surgery. Procedures such as breast asymmetry surgery can be offered, with our without the use of a silicone implant. This will depend on the severity of the lop-sidedness.

Does having different breast sizes or one breast bigger than the other affect my health?

No. It’s more a matter of self esteem and body image. Most patients that request breast asymmetry surgery are unhappy with their over breast aesthetic, and believe cosmetic surgery is the best solution. 

Can lopsided breasts be fixed without cosmetic surgery?

If the patient has a noticeable difference in breast sizes, or one breast bigger than the other, cosmetic surgery is usually the most reliable and long term solution.

Whilst bra choice can help, this is only a quick fix; physically the problem remains. Lopsided breasts will not rectify themselves or become even of their own accord.

What happens during surgery to correct uneven breasts?

  • Booking a consultation is the first step to improving the appearance of lopsided breasts.
  • A surgeon will assess the extent of the different breast sizes and make a recommendation based on the findings.
  • It may be that a breast reduction is offered, to reduce the size of the larger breast. In other cases a breast augmentation with implants may be used to even up a smaller breast to a larger one.
  • Surgery is not to be undertaken lightly, and you must take into consideration the risks and complications that can occur, as well as the benefits.
  • It is not possible to guarantee perfect symmetry after surgery, but most patient agree the result exceeds their expectations compared to their former aesthetic.

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To get more information about breast surgery to correct lopsided breasts and uneven breasts please contact the clinic reception team today and book a consultation.



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