Coronavirus Update – A Message From Gary Ross

Due to the recent pandemic of COVID-19, there have been strict measures announced by the government to ensure everybody’s safety. Therefore, we have taken up the difficult decision to close our surgery until further notice. This decision has been taken based on the government’s health guidelines.

Our main priority is to ensure your safety and the people around you. By staying at home, we can all ensure that this is the case. Therefore, all non-essential aesthetic surgery and treatments will be suspended for the time being.

During this period, we will be contacting all of our patients regarding the current situation with consultations. We will stick to the commitment to remain in contact with you during this time of uncertainty.

Please stay safe.

Are non-surgical aesthetic treatments classed as essential treatments?

Non-surgical aesthetic treatments are not essential treatments. This is the main reason why we have taken the decision to close our surgery until further notice. Although many would see these as essential treatments to improve the quality of life, this is not the case.

All businesses that provide non-surgical and facial treatments have currently suspended their practices. This is because these forms of treatments have a high risk of transmission of the Coronavirus. If you don’t adhere to the guidelines provided, you will be putting your own safety at risk as well as others around you.

Will I still be able to attend consultations with you?

Due to the current uncertainty, we have temporarily suspended face-to-face consultations. Despite this, we are still assessing options to provide virtual consultations for you. However, you must be made aware that this does not provide any guarantees in relation to your cosmetic surgery treatment. Once we have more clarity of the future, we can provide an update moving forward.

Due to these changes, we are in the process of contacting all patients we have on our list at the moment. We’ll be advising patients to cancel their future consultations and provide further guidance around them.

Once we have a process in place to provide virtual consultations, we will make you aware of this.

Are there treatments for COVID-19?

It’s always important to provide awareness in these uncertain times. However, social media platforms have unfortunately been riddled with fake news and advice also. Treatments have been offered which claim to treat for COVID-19. The WHO is currently evaluating all these treatments, checking whether they’ve been used for previous viruses or if there are any new antibody treatments.

You must take care when reading information online and not experiment with drugs that are being offered. Instead, we should only utilise the information released by the WHO and The Department of Health. As clinicians, we’ll also be doing the same when advising our patients on treatments that are available. You should not be spreading information or advice on treatments or attempt to self-treat yourself unless advised by WHO and The Department of Health.

Please stay safe.

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