Choosing a surgeon for your breast surgery

How to find the best surgeon for your breast surgery

Undergoing breast surgery is not something that should be undertaken lightly. It can be a daunting experience, and many considerations need to be made beforehand.

The most important decision you will make is your plastic surgeon. Choosing the surgeon who will perform your surgery, as well as accompany you on your journey post operatively, cannot be rushed or underestimated.

Whether you choose a breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast uplift or breast asymmetry surgery, picking the best plastic surgeon for the job is vital.

What makes a good plastic surgeon?

As well as be a highly skilled expert, a good plastic surgeon should listen to your concerns, offer constructive advice, act profession at all times, and manage expectations.

It’s important when choosing surgeon that you do your research. Find out what their background is, what they specialise in, and how often they perform your chosen procedure. This is all helpful in allowing you to make an informed decision.

Does it make a difference if my surgeon is part of a safety organisation?

Your prospective surgeon should be part of at least one professional organisation. BAAPS and BAPRAS are the most common. You should be able to find out this information on their website.

This membership ensures your surgeon is operating to the highest standards, is ethical, and can perform in their field to the highest standards.

Is picking breast specialist the best plan?

In some cases, particularly if the surgery is complex, choose a breast surgeon specifically can prove positive. They have a deep understanding of the tissues and structure of the breasts, and some patients feel more confident trusting their surgery to a specialist.

How do I know I’ve found the right surgeon?

You should feel comfortable with them, and believe they understand what you wish to achieve by undergoing breast surgery. You should feel confident in their abilities and believe they can offer you the highest standards of care.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you’re comfortable with the team at the hospital or clinic too. They will likely be part of your recovery process.

What should I ask at the consultation?

The consultation is deigned to offer you a chance to speak directly to a surgeon, and discuss your goals and motivations for undergoing the procedure. Some patients come with photos to demonstrate their points.

This is an opportunity to discuss the procedure in detail and get an understanding of what is involved before, during and after breast surgery. Ask about the specifics of the procedure, make sure you understand the risks and complications, and find out how best to recover safely and quickly.

What will they expect of me?

You surgeon will expect you to be honest and open at the consultation. Your motivations for undergoing surgery need to be clear, and you’re expected to provide an honest account of your medical history.

What negative signs should I look out for?

If you feel forced, rushed or coerced into undergoing plastic surgery you should find someone else. If a surgeon appears uninformed or uninterested in your specific goals or concerns this should also be a warning sign. Trust your instincts.

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