How to choose a surgeon for fat transfer

What to look for from a cosmetic surgeon when considering fat transfer

Are you considering fat transfer procedures to re-contour and reshape your body? If so, you’re one of the growing number of patients turning to this form of body shaping surgery in the UK.

At the start of the year, Mr Gary Ross spoke to Harper’s Bizarre about the trend of body contouring shifting to focus on fat removal and fat transfer, and from the rise in patients we can see his prediction was right.

So what is fat transfer and what can it offer patients?

Fat transfer is a procedure to take fat from one part of the body and replace it in another. The aim of this cosmetic procedure is to rejuvenate the body or face by improve volume.

Popular areas of the body to use fat transfer include the abdomen and buttocks, where fat is often taken from before being replaced in areas including the hips.

Similarly fat can be removed and then replaced in the face, if facial rejuvenation is the main goal of treatment.

Who is this cosmetic procedure suitable for?

This form of body rejuvenation or facial rejuvenation treatment is ideal for both men and women, although it is undoubtedly more popular amongst females. It’s suitable for patients that wish to improve contours or volume in the face and body.
It is not suitable for patients that are looking for fat reduction; this is a different procedure which involves removing fat from the body. Other procedures such as liposuction may be more suitable in this case.

How do you know which surgeon to choose for fat transfer?

It’s best to pick a medical professional that specialises in body contouring surgery including fat removal and fat reduction. When researching your cosmetic surgeon make sure to research which type of procedure is being offered at your chosen clinic.

Mr Ross offers Body-jet Fat Transfer to patients looking to reshape and contour the body in a more natural way. This form of fat transfer is water-assisted and therefore represents a more gentle procedure.

You can find out more specific information about this procedure, and how it can be beneficial to you, via the treatment pages in the menu bar.

What specific questions should I ask at my consultation for fat transfer?

The key to getting the most from your consultation is asking the right questions. If you’re considering fat transfer or fat removal with Body-jet here are some questions to ask:

– What can this treatment offer me?
– Where will I undergo this treatment?
– Am I a suitable candidate and will I be likely to get good results?
– How long do the results last?
– Who will perform my surgery?
– Will I be awake during the treatment?
– Are the results natural-looking?

Get more information

If you wish to book a consultation please contact the clinic team who will be happy to help you and advise you regarding what this form of body contouring surgery involves. You can also find out more in depth procedure information via the treatment pages.

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