Cheeky Face-lift Boom

Women are having ‘bum fat’ pumped into their faces to make them look younger.

The Procedure has been rated one of this year’s top cosmetic surgery trends.

Harvested fat cells provide volume on bony or lined areas of the face.

Plastic surgeon Gary Ross explained: The fat can be take from an area in the body and placed into the face to try to volumise the areas affected by ageing. Frequently, patients opt to have their fat injected on the bony portions of the face – usually the mid face. It can also be used for finer lines.”

Hair transplants also feature among 2017’s top surgical trends. Transplants are often being sought by women who have experienced hair loss.

The industry has seen a spike in the number of women seeking help with hair loss, said aesthetic surgeon Dr Somji.

He said: I have seen a surge due to hair extensions but this still remains most popular with men.”

Elsewhere the focus has been on having quick and convenient procedures such as one-stitch face lifts, and using lasers to zap saggy skin and wrinkles in as little as 20 minutes.

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