Direct Brow lifting in Aesthetic Surgery

The appearance of the eyebrow is an important landmark in facial aesthetics. Its shape and position convey youthfulness and attractiveness. Most authors suggest the brow in women should arch above the supraorbital rim and for men; the brow should arch along the rim. Aesthetically the brow is considered more aesthetic if it starts lowest in the inner portion with the peak of the arch is in the outer third of the eyebrow.

Botox has been used to alter the position of the brow by altering the pull of the muscles that elevate and depress the brow. Fillers have also been used to try and elevate the brow and may be considered a good option for many patients wishing to have a subtle change to the brow.

Surgically many operations have been suggested to elevate the brow and reduce the wrinkle lines. These techniques can be broken down into indirect methods and direct methods.

Indirect brow lifting

Indirect methods involve incisions remote to the brow. These may involve incisions in the hairline and the brow accessed through these incisions and the brow elevated either with or without the use of endoscopic devices with or without muscle division.

Direct brow lifting

Direct methods involve the placement of scars within the periorbital region. These can be through an upper eyelid incision or through an incision immediately above the eyebrow hair. Again the muscles can be altered via these methods.

The direct method of brow lifting with scars just above the brow has been a source of controversy with many surgeons concerned about how the scars are accepted by patients.

A recent study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal from Italy where a direct brow lift was performed in 212 patients has shown a 98% satisfaction rate with this method of brow lifting.
Mr Ross agrees with the findings of this study and believes that in the carefully selected patient and utilizing a similar technique as described in this study that patients are very happy with the results achieved.

Any patient wishing to undergo peri-orbital rejuvenation need to consider the various non-surgical and surgical options and be taken through the pros and cons and risks in order to be empowered to proceed or not. You can read more about brow lifts here.


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