B Lite implants breast augmentation in Manchester

Mr Ross is continually developing and introducing up to date technologies and is pleased to introduce lightweight B-Lite implants into his practice.

What is a lightweight B-Lite breast implant?

Like the majority of silicone implants the implant shell is comprised of silicone and the shell can be either smooth or textured. However it is the inside of the implant where the new technology exists. Microsphere enhanced silicone gel replace the traditional silicone gel / saline. These borosilicate microspheres exhibit superior biological, mechanical, and chemical properties, such as

crush resistance, biocompatibility, inertness, and chemical resistance, making them a preferred biomaterial for demanding medical applications. Utilizing microspheres enables a substantial reduction of the implant’s weight, up to 30%, when compared with conventional silicone-filled implants of equal size. Simultaneously, their presence reduces the volume of gel required to fill the implant, further lowering its silicone content.

What are the advantages to the patient?

B Lite implants are 30% lighter to traditional breast implants and as such patients will not only weigh less for the same breast size but will have breast implants that are less likely to alter the breast and chest wall.

Gravitational weight can cause implants to bottom out and to drop down the chest wall and having a lighter implant may decrease this problem. This is an important consideration not only in breast augmentation but also in breast augmentation performed at the same time as a breast lift or mastopexy. Heavier implants have been linked to breast droop / ptosis and thinning of the breast skin / envelope with increased risk of breast atrophy and compromising tissue vascularity. Heavier implants are also thought to induce chest wall deformities due to the pressure effect on the chest wall directly and lighter implants are perceived to be less likely to cause this unfortunate complication. A lighter implant is a technological advancement.

As there is less silicone in the lightweight implants there is less chance of gel bleed over the life of the implant. Due to the patented microsphere-gel adhesion no separation and leakage is believed to occur in case of implant rupture. This is a major technological advancement.

It is believed that B-Lite gel is more transparent under mammography than normal silicone allowing more of the breast to be viewed – which will be of benefit to women especially those undergoing breast screening.

Finally it is perceived that a lot of postop pain and recovery is down to the pressure effect of the implants in the immediate postop phase. As the implants are 30% lighter this may also lead to a similar decrease in the amount of pain postoperatively. A reduction in pain postop can lead to earlier mobilisation and less down time from the procedure.

Please click here to read a peer reviewed article on B Lite implants and click here to view the B Lite breast implant catalogue.

To make a consultation with Mr Ross regarding B Lite implants please call 0161 401 4064.

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