What to ask at a breast rejuvenation surgery consultation

The important questions to ask before undergoing breast rejuvenation surgery

If you are considering breast rejuvenation surgery the first step you’ll be making is booking a consultation. Mr Gary Ross is a leading breast surgery expert, consulting in Manchester.

In this week’s blog he reveals nine questions you should ask before deciding on cosmetic surgery, most specifically breast rejuvenation surgery.

How will this procedure benefit me?

It’s important you ask for the details of what your chosen procedure can do for you, especially when it comes to breast rejuvenation surgery. What are the benefits of undergoing a breast augmentation or breast uplift procedure? Ask how the cosmetic procedure will benefit you personally.

Is this cosmetic procedure right for me?

Not all breast rejuvenation procedures will be suitable, so it’s important to make sure the surgery you choose is right for your specific needs. If you want to lift sagging breasts a breast augmentation alone is unlikely to be enough. Be clear in discussing your goals and what you want to achieve before committing to a procedure.

Discuss your concerns and what you want to achieve honestly, and don’t be afraid to ask whether breast rejuvenation surgery is suitable for you in the context of your life and plans for the future.

How much will this cost in total?

All procedures cost different amounts; a breast reduction will not cost the same as a breast enlargement with fat transfer. Always be clear on the overall cost of treatment. Don’t forget this cost should include hospital fees and the time of an anaesthesiologist as well as your plastic surgeon.

Who will perform my surgery?

It’s perfectly reasonable to ask who will be performing your surgery. Patients often find at chain clinics that the person they consult with is not then the person performing the surgery. Ask who specifically will be performing your breast rejuvenation surgery.

How do I prepare for my surgery?

Asking how you can best prepare for surgery is a good way to make sure you have the best experience possible. You should be prepared to give up smoking and consider other health factors in advance of breast rejuvenation surgery.

What happens during my surgery?

It’s a good idea to ask more about what the surgery entails. Research your procedure and take some questions to your consultation if there’s any specifics you’d like to know. It’s an invasive form of surgery, so it’s important you understand what your chosen breast rejuvenation surgery involves.

What happens after my surgery?

Knowing what to expect after a cosmetic procedure is part of the process when it comes to safe surgery. Be aware of what you will need to do regarding leaving hospital and recovering at home. Ask about taking time off, how to care for your surgical scars, and when you’ll be required to revisit for check ups.

What is the recovery like?

In some cases breast rejuvenation surgery can require some weeks off work. Asking how the recovery will affect your day to day life is important so you can plan around the down time. This is a good time to ask about healing and pain management too.

What happens if I’m unhappy with the results?

It’s quite rare for a patient to be unhappy with the results of cosmetic breast surgery, but in this event it’s good to know where you stand. Ask your surgeon about the risks and complications of surgery, as well as what to do if you’re unsatisfied with the results.

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