Are selfies driving UK cosmetic surgery requests?

UK cosmetic surgery is on the up but are social media apps and selfies to blame?

In the UK cosmetic surgery is still going strong, especially when it comes to procedures such as rhinoplasty.

With the growth of social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat – that focus primarily on the use of photographs – in turn facial surgery has increased.

Selfies and surgery in the news

Just last week, an American journal revealed that selfies (self taken photos) distort the proportions on the face. The most notable difference came to noses, which in some cases appeared up to 30 per cent larger than in reality.

This is an alarming piece of research which not only details that the selfie obsession is booming, but that it’s genuinely affecting the way patients view their appearance.

It’s all about the angle

Pictures taken up close to the face distort the proportions of features, according to the study, leading prospective patients to see concerns that may not actually be there.

The angle a photo is taken, as well as how close the phone or camera is to the face, can have a dramatic impact on the result.

This is all in turn creating concern amongst patients, most specifically female patients, who are becoming concerned with physical issues that are fictional.

Being realistic

When we consult with patients, the priority is to listen to their needs and motivations, then evaluate whether undergoing cosmetic surgery is the right and advisable conclusion.

In some cases we see patients that do not require cosmetic surgery, but believe they need certain procedures because of photographs they’ve seen of themselves.

Often this includes procedures such as rhinoplasty and nose job surgery, which is a common procedure requested by patients after a photograph has given them a new angle to view themselves.

Managing expectations

Whatever the procedure, whether it’s face surgery or body surgery, every patient visits for a consultation with a goal in mind. The key is making sure the motivations are clear and reasonable.

The proportions offered in photographs, selfies and apps are not always representative of the truth. It’s important to manage expectations before and after form of cosmetic procedure; if you’re not suitable for a specific procedure you will not be treated.

What are your motivations?

Having clear motivations for undergoing cosmetic surgery is vital. You should only undergo procedures for yourself, and not for the benefit of anyone else.

Using photos to show your surgeon what you are worried about or want to change can be helpful, but don’t forget they are only one marker.

Be prepared to speak about your real motivations for undergoing cosmetic surgery, and that you may not be eligible for the chosen procedure.

Get more information

Booking a consultation is the best way to determine whether or not you are suitable for surgery. You can use the contact pages to get in touch, and our staff will help guide you through the consultation process.

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