5 Essential Exercise Tips Following Breast Reduction

How to stay in shape safely after breast reduction surgery

One thing you may need to consider prior to a breast reduction is how to continue exercising post surgery. There is a resting period required after all breast rejuvenation surgery procedures which you need to consider.

Whilst this form of breast rejuvenation is common, it’s still a good idea to initially relax your exercise routine after surgery. It’s most likely you’ll be advised to cease all exercise for a period of time, and this is discussed during your consultation.

Some friendly advice

Below you will find five essential pieces of advice to follow once you’ve undergone surgery to make your breasts smaller. These tips are designed to give you a wider idea of how to recover safely, but every patient is different.

1. Implement to the advice you’re given

It’s easy to think you have all the information and know your own body, but after breast reduction surgery you must follow the advice you’re given. You need to rest for a reason – to let the body heal.

If you’re told to rest off exercise for a few weeks it’s your duty to care for yourself correctly. If you choose to start exercising vigorously too soon you may run into complications, such as your stitches opening.

2. Take your time

The body heals in its own time. You have to respect what the body needs in order to recover, and that may mean putting your exercise regime to one side.

You’ll find you can gradually start to increase your exercise as the weeks and months go on, but don’t rush into things. Your overall health is more important that getting back to running a marathon.

3. Listen to your body

Once you start exercising again post breast reduction surgery you may find yourself feeling tired or uncomfortable. If you feel out of breath or faint you should stop.

Listen to your body and take the rest you need to recover safely. In the long run you’ll recover fast after any breast rejuvenation surgery if you let the body heal in due course.

4. Think about what you’re wearing

If your breasts have changed shape or size the chances are your cup size will be different. You may also be battling with swelling that usually occurs post breast reduction.

Be aware of what you’re wearing and how supportive the garments and underwear are. This is more important as you start to exercise more consistently again.

5. Be realistic

Having realistic expectation isn’t just about the results. You also need to be realistic about the recovery process and how it may affect your daily life.

A breast reduction isn’t something you recover from in a matter of days, nor weeks. If you can’t afford the time away to heal safely then you may want to consider whether the procedure is something you need.

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We offer impartial advice and know that every patient is different. Mr Ross is a breast surgery specialist, and you can see former patient’s journeys via the testimonials pages.

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