Global cosmetic surgery industry is booming

Global cosmetic surgery industry is booming

Across the world the cosmetic surgery industry is gaining in popularity

According to a new report by IMCAS last week, $10.7 billion was spent last year on materials used in cosmetic procedures worldwide.

The IMCAS World Congress, held in Paris on February 1st 2018, revealed that business is well and truly booming for the aesthetic sector, with an overall increase of 8 per cent in the cosmetic devices and products being purchased by medical professionals.

According to experts, the market is predicted reach $11.6 billion during 2018, and is set to more than double from 2014 to 2021. This will no doubt be welcome news to industry professionals worldwide.

The report tracked sales of cosmetic equipment such as body contouring lasers, devices for hair removal, pharmaceutical compounds and active cosmetics, fat transfer and removal devices, muscle-relaxing toxins such as Botox, dermal fillers, and breast implants.

Industry experts have credited the boom to a healthier global economy, technological innovations, and “a desire on the part of baby boomers to remain competitive in a youth-centric workforce.”

Surgical procedures to remove and transfer fat from areas such as the buttocks or abdomen to improve volume in the breasts or plump up cheeks were amongst the most popular, the data showed.

This is in keeping with an ISAPS report from 2016/17, where it was reported 23.6 million face or body-boosting procedures were performed globally.

This was up 9 per cent compared to 2015, and 10.4 million of these patients specifically chose surgery rather than non invasive treatments.

How is the industry evolving in the UK?

Here in Manchester, Plastic Surgeon Mr. Gary Ross has seen a rise in patients seeking fat transfer procedures, as well as mummy makeovers that combine multiple procedures. These can include a tummy tuck combined with breast uplift and fat transfer.

“Combination treatments to contour the body have been on the rise for sometime now, with patients seeking more impressive results with less down time,” says Mr. Ross.

“We can perform multi-procedure surgery now, meaning patients are in recovery for less time. The mummy makeover is a prime example of this; we perform body contouring surgery with breast rejuvenation surgery in order to reduce the downtime.”

Water-assisted fat transfer treatments such as body-jet are becoming more and more popular as patients seek fat reduction or transfer without the lengthily downtime associated with procedures like liposuction.

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For more information about cosmetic surgery procedures including fat transfer or mummy makeovers, or if you wish to find out more about the combination of non-surgical with surgical procedures, please contact the team who will be delighted to help you book a consultation. Every patient is different and we believe in offering bespoke treatment plan to each and every person we agree to help.

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