Facelift Case Study 84

This lady wished to improve the jowl area and redefine her jaw with facial rejuvenation surgery. Mr Ross believes that for one to be able to access the neck and the jaw sufficiently that often a full-face incision is required. Elevating the skin away from the underlying tissues allows access for the platysma muscle to be tightened directly. The repositioning of this muscle allows the jaw to be better defined and then the midface lifted higher using the SMAS tissue to give extra volume. The results are seen after all the swelling has settled showing an improvement in the jowl and jaw area.

When considering facelift surgery http://www.garylross.com/face/facelift/ patients need to consider the options of neck lifting http://www.garylross.com/case-studies/neck-lift/ liposuction http://www.garylross.com/face/facial-liposuction/ , autologous fat transfer http://www.garylross.com/face/autologous-fat-transfer-to-face/  brow lifing http://www.garylross.com/face/brow-lift/ and facial implants http://www.garylross.com/face/facial-implants/ . The commonest operation performed in combination with a facelift is a blepharoplasty http://www.garylross.com/face/blepharoplasty/

At a consultation, it is important to run through all the pros and cons and the various options of facial surgery and non-surgical techniques so that you can be empowered to proceed. Mr Ross will show you various preoperative and postoperative results so that you can understand what can be achieved and what is to be expected.

Mr. Ross is a plastic, aesthetic and cosmetic surgeon that underwent specific training in plastic surgery. http://www.garylross.com/ Mr. Ross successfully completed his FRCS (plast), obtained his CCT and is listed on the GMC specialist Register for Plastic surgery (Number 4220633). Mr. Ross has a vast training in aesthetic surgery throughout his plastic surgery training including the techniques utilized in “cosmetic surgery”. Mr. Ross is a full member of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS); British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the British Association of Head and Neck Oncologists (BAHNO) and is regularly appraised on an annual basis. He has successfully revalidated and “cosmetic surgery” is an established part of his scope of practice. Mr Ross is the only plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Manchester, the North West of England and the United Kingdom in full time private practice, who is a full member of BAAPS, BAPRAS and BAHNO. Mr Ross has written many articles and book chapters in relation to head and neck surgery and will be able to individualise your surgery to give you the optimal outcome. Mr Ross was the first cosmetic surgeon to be certified by the Royal College of Surgeons for cosmetic surgery of the face including face and neck lifting.

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