Breast Augmentation Revision Case Study 2

This lady had significant problems with wound healing following a breast augmentation performed elsewhere. She had previously had explantation of her implants to two occasions due to extrusion and presented with a partially extruded implant, significant scarring and asymmetry. Following removal of her implants the scars were left to settle before trying to salvage the breast aesthetics. Where extensive issues and risks of infection exist it is sometimes necessary to remove implants and let things settle and perform revisionary surgery as a second stage. This lady ended up having a mastopexy implant one stage procedure in order to lift the nipple and provide extra skin to cover the lower part of the implant and allow removal of the scarred breast. In revisionary cases where there has been tissue loss and scarring there are limitations on the size of implants that can be placed on the scarred side and one must accept a degree of asymmetry as is seen in this case.

Pre and Post-Op Images For This Case Study

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