Abdominoplasty Case Study 13

This lady has had an abdominoplasty and hernia repair. The spigelian hernia was repaired during the abdominoplasty and the tummy button relocated. Her postop picture is taken at 6 weeks and by 6 weeks this lady is able to do everything that she was able to do preoperatively. The scar has been placed as low as possible so as to be hidden easily in whatever underwear she chooses. The scar around her tummy button is still red at 6 weeks and it does take a number of months for this to start paling down. The final picture at 9 months postop shows the scar that has faded. Hernia repairs can often be performed simultaneously and although there can be some additional discomfort due to this it does not stop patients mobilising early. No drains were used and this lady mobilised a few hours following surgery and went home the next day.

Pre and Post-Op Images For This Case Study

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